17 (or 16.1) miles in the books!

I am blogging, so that means I survived my half ultra trail run this weekend!

Things have been going great. No breakdowns of splurges, other than just a bit last night when I finished off cookies and a muffin in the house because I got sick of seeing them around the house…

Here’s food:

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Long time, no blog.

Well I did it once again.

This time I even had a full day typed out almost ready to post, but I never did. This led to me, 2 days later, adding on days and becoming a recap, and then never posting it anyhow. This was over 2 months ago…

So a recap of what has been happening:

  • My best friend’s bachelorette party and wedding!!!!
  • A super sweaty 5k
  • Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I’m a horrible blog mom.

I missed Average Endeavors first birthday!

I saw it on my Timehop app, and thought “I should blog today!”, but I didn’t.

To be honest life has been busy, and I have not been following much of a diet. It was a fun little break, but now I am back and ready to kick it into gear! I am ready to meet my goal weight (again) and keep it that way with the maintenance eating I’ve become so great at!

I have 2 recaps for you today! First will be the Ice Age Trail 50 race that Tony and I participated in the weekend before last, and then the Rams on the Run 5k that was part of the 125th anniversary celebration of my K-8 school! Along with that, some goals!

So first, just like all other recaps, here is what I’ve been eating:
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Races, concerts, and of course: Food and Beer.

Hello, strangers!

It’s been a long time, somewhere around a month. I have been enjoying everything, running my butt off, eating and drinking it back on, and not feeling badly for it. I have a few larger “events” that I will recap on, but first, here is a ton of the food I ate:

Definitely a trend of french toast, pizza, and beer. I guess that goes to show my love for carbs.

So since I’ve been gone, I’ve been tracking on both Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal. On weekends, or any days that I don’t really limit myself, I stuck to just MyFitnessPal, that way I could see my final weekly deficit. I had a couple of bad weeks where I ate more than I burned total, but last week I managed to break almost even, burning just a bit more.

I think I am pretty much done with Weight Watchers at this point. Days with my long runs, I need more food than what that has to offer, and the limits on sugar seems to cause me to plunge into binges of sweets way too often. I am back to my goal of eating healthily, and keeping an eye on my deficit to not only make sure I don’t eat to much, but to make sure I eat enough. I have been still using the Weight Watchers tracker to assure that at least I am eating light for most of the day.

So now for some recaps:

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