Here goes nothing…

Here it is!  A blog about… my life? So, here is what to expect:

Be prepared for lots of pictures of food.  I mean A LOT. I will share recipes as well, so at least you can enjoy it with me if you want to.  I am also currently on Weight Watchers Online, so I will also be including how many points my meals are costing me.  On top of that I will share my different workout feats since I am still FAR from being actually fit.

This will also be a place for me to showcase my photography portfolio, which will be thankfully growing soon thanks to the warm weather, my best friends needing engagement pictures done, and my childhood friend having a baby in June. (THANKS FOR THE LIFE EVENTS, GUYS!)

Most other things will be excerpts from my life; Whether it be a party weekend which destroys my healthy habits (this happens quite often),  a vacation taken with my loving husband,  a new hobby/trade I am trying (AKA obsessing over) or any other random daily things I feel like mentioning.  Oh, and did I mention there will be pictures of food? Yeah? Okay. Then you have the gist of it.

There you have it! Check back daily and maybe there will be something for you!!


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