My ever so exciting first day of blogging

Who’s bright idea was it to start this off on a Tuesday/the first day of my work week?

I barely wanted to get out of bed this morning due to the cold and gloomy weather, but pushed through anyways. I surprisingly convinced myself to do a 10 minute “Quick Fix” yoga routine from my favorite app Yoga Studio, and Dexter decided to join me. Photographing myself doing Camel pose made me realize just how much work I still need to do to become more flexible.
IMG_6449Afterwards I poured myself a bowl of Peanut Butter Cheerios and enjoyed with some toast with low sugar preserves and strawberries. Total of 5 Points+.

IMG_6448I also tried out the new coffee I bought myself yesterday and GOOOOD LAWD it was possibly the best coffee I’ve had yet.

Seriously, I never knew coffee could taste so good.

After letting myself digest and frequently running to the bathroom after consuming a half a pot of coffee by myself I figured it was time for me to get my workout finished. So, while Tony went to cut the grass I pulled out my treadmill and got Daredevil ready on Netflix.

I pushed through the daunting 40 minutes and managed to run my best average pace yet, a 9:30 minute mile INCLUDING my .5 mi 5-5.5 mph warm up and .21 3-5 mph cool down. This may not seem like much to more seasoned runners, but for little old Jayme who just 3 short months ago considered a 15 minute walk/run enough cardio, this is big stuff.

Time for my go to post workout snack: greek yogurt. Today’s choice was chocolate covered cherry with some almonds sprinkled in. This snack cost me only 3 Points+

With only 2 and a half hours to spare before leaving for work I quickly showered and then decided that I needed an extra afternoon caffeine boost to avoid napping with these cuties.

I went with Caramel & Coconut Black Tea from Bigelow’s limited edition Girl Scout Cookie teas. I am not prepared for that and the Thin Mint Herbal Tea to no longer be available.

After dawdling around on the internet for a while it was already time to make some lunch.  One of my all time favorite sandwiches, ham and swiss, this time on an english muffin toasted all together in my NuWave oven.  I accompanied it with some Special K Honey Barbecue Cracker Chips and some pineapple making the entire meal 6 Points+.

IMG_6453 (2)

After finishing up getting ready I left for work. 5 hours and a snack of carrots and a can of fat-free tuna salad (2 points+ total) later I was finally finishing up with our last session. While walking to take the cash bags in and unfortunately walk past shoes on the way out.  These beauties caught my eye:
IMG_6455Even with them being on sale AND my discount, I just couldn’t.

Tonight was TACO TUESDAY (or leftover tacos from Monday…)
I prepare all food early in the afternoon so that Tony can bring his dinner to work with him to work while he is on 2nd shift.. Tonight and last night’s dinner consisted of 98% fat-free ground chicken sautéed with onions and hot & spicy taco mix until cooked through. I portioned 1/4 of the mixture into 4 separate containers, and topped them with a few slices of jalapeno and 1/4 cup of La Preferida Authentic Flavor Fat Free Refried Beans.  Tonight when I got home I baked 2 Mission Carb Balance Small Fajita flour tortillas in the oven for about 10 minutes (5 on each side) at 400 degrees.  When finished I put my microwaved meat & bean mixture on the now tostadas and topped with all my favorites! Plain fat-free yogurt makes a GREAT sour cream substitute, and you can’t leave out the salsa & most importantly the Valentina. I swear I could eat that stuff on everything.

Before I can allow myself to enjoy dessert I make myself do at least a 5 minute ab workout. Tonight I was feeling brave so I did XHIT Daily’s 10 minute abs.

Okay, so MAYBE I did half.  At least instead of hitting the ice cream I went with 2 slices of toast with some chocolate PB2 and strawberries! 3 points+ total, capping off my day right at my goal!

Time to relax and wait for Tony to get home from work, I only have a bit over 2 hours left! Time to surf the web and watch some Hulu! See you all again tomorrow!


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