Melting chocolate is not my expertise.

What a day! I ALMOST skipped yoga so I could eat breakfast earlier, but my legs were super stiff so I decided to do a 10 minute Intermediate Running Stretches routine from my app. Afterwards I made myself a triple-decker french toast sandwich with fat-free cream cheese and strawberries all topped with some sugar-free syrup. It was fantastic and HUGE and only cost me 4 points+ since I used very little of most ingredients.

This is just about the only time I got to sit around today so I paid some bills and surfed the web a bit. Before I knew it time came for me to run. It was a GREAT run, breaking my last pace record (again with the slower warm up and cool down) with a 9:25 minute mile! I just LOVE progress and it feels good to know my body is working hard!

I have a goal of running/walking at least 20 miles a week and I’m already at 19.8 miles as of today! Does that mean I get to just run a quick quarter-mile tomorrow? Of course not! I got my treadmill all put away and made myself a snack; Half an apple and an english muffin with PB2. This was a total of 3 points+.

After that run I needed a shower BAD so I jumped in while Tony got a few things ready for dinner. Once I was done getting ready for work I made my afternoon tea, Caramel Coconut per usual. We made some banana treats to freeze for dessert and by then I already needed to start making my lunch! I sautéed some onions and mushrooms for my ham and swiss sandwich. Paired with some Special K honey barbecue cracker chips and veggies it was filling and only came to 6 points+.

I packed up some grapes and 2 Gamesa cookies (2 points+) and headed to work. Tonight was a pet event so I had lots of puppies to take pictures of. So exhausting. ONE good thing is that my manager brought me some 1 point muffins. I traded the strawberry one out for one of my Gamesa cookies, later calculating and finding it cost me 2 points+. Whoops! I’ll have to cut something down in my dinner later!

I ended up leaving around 40 minutes later than I had intended and Tony had messaged me that he was taking half a vacation day and would be home around 8:40! Since it was 7:40 I decided to stop at the store on the way home to grab some additional veggies for dinner and get the shopping done for tomorrow. I got home and immediately preheated the oven and chopped my broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower to roast! Once sprayed with olive oil and seasoned with almost every seasoning in my cabinet I popped them in along with some Alexia sweet potato fries. Tony was home by now and while waiting for the vegetables to roast we did the same 9 move ab workout that I did yesterday. (XHIT) The rest of dinner consisted of more sweet turkey italian sausage on a light bun with cooked green peppers, onions, and tomatoes poured all over them. My whole meal cost me 7 points+ since I only had a very small portion of the fries. So good!

It was fantastic to get to settle down and eat with Tony since he usually doesn’t come home for another 4 hours after I eat! We watched some Seinfeld (yes, we’re binge watching all seasons) and let our food digest. For dessert I had some banana chunks dipped in failed melted chocolate chips that were then frozen all together and a cup of banana cream greek yogurt. Tony put a whole banana covered in chocolate in the freezer just before dinner and his came out WAY better. Not fair. At least mine was only 3 points+. 😛

I figure that was a pretty light dessert to enjoy the night before weigh in! Let’s hope the scale has something nice to say to me tomorrow. I guess we will all see!


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