WEIGH to start my weekend. Eh, eh, get it?

Weigh in day… wah wah waaaaaah.

I was prepared for not LOSING and obviously would have preferred it, but of course I gained 1.2 lbs. I know it’s just fluctuation and blah blah blah but it just makes me feel like I am doing something wrong. My body has changed DRASTICALLY over the last few months and I am the most fit (while not the thinnest) that I’ve been in my entire life. I have definition on muscles I didn’t even know I had, and I’ve learned so much about eating right and LESS. Although I would love to reach my goal weight and be able to have a guilt-free cheat day here and there (not that I don’t have GUILTY ones now).

After my slightly disappointed weigh in I did a 15 minute Advanced Combination yoga routine. Afterwards I made some oatmeal and in honor of National Chocolate Chip Day added the smallest minuscule of s’mores & nut mix. I had toast with preserves for a side with a ton of fruit! 5 points+ total.

After sitting and drinking coffee with Tony at the table once he FINALLY woke up I was in a better mood and did my Shoulders/Back workouts. I am not very good at this portion, I can’t seem to find any at home workouts that I can do well with just dumbbells.

We decided to once again go running around our neighborhood, because we never learn. I went for the basic route I take here and after being use to running faster speeds on the treadmill the hilly road terrain kills my thighs and glutes! My GPS went whacko again so I routed it out from home and discovered we went 3.04 mi in 31 minutes. Not bad, and that included some brisk walking here and there.

I am trying not to eat an unimaginable amount of sweets today so I had a small tortilla with egg whites & Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken strips. Salsa and Valentina topped it off and it only cost me 2 points+, just like a yogurt would have and much more filling.

I needed to do laundry and almost forgot so I ran to my moms to start a load and found that my new mug had come in the mail there instead of my house! I love it and it’s HUGE. MORE COFFEE FOR ME!

So, last night at midnight we went on an adventure to get tea at Walmart. We ended up coming home with 5 new boxes. I was feeling indulgent so I made some of the pumpkin spice from Bigelow and ate a half a frozen banana.

The day was speeding by quickly which is both good and bad. I wish I just worked earlier in the day so I could get it over with, but I guess if it comes up quick then it will be over quickly as well. I had to keep in my mind that the sooner work comes and goes the sooner my weekend starts!

The remainder of my afternoon was spent relaxing. Lunch time came quick and I made up a english muffin pizza sandwich. Marinara sauce, spinach, mushrooms, mini bell peppers, and a bit more grilled and ready chicken with a slice of ultra thin provolone. Yum! I had a bit of popcorn on the side and it all summed up to be 5 points+.

I packed up my snack for work, carrots and cucumbers, and headed off. 4 hours and what felt like 100 graduation pictures later I was on my way home with the anticipation of a delicious dinner made on the grill. Grilled barbecue chicken breasts (I’m gonna turn into a chicken today), zucchini squash, yellow squash, mini bell peppers, corn on the cob, and a pickle! It was only 5 points+.

Thank goodness I saved up points all day because after dinner we got ready and went out to TCBY to get some dessert. I got more chocolate chips, because why not? I THINK it was about 6 points+ total.

We came back home and now we have friends coming over. Time to go over in my points with vodka! Yay!


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