My Monday off work

I love having Mondays off. I don’t know what it is, but when it happens I just love it. I woke up feeling great. It’s crazy how different I felt from yesterday when I was just the slightest bit hungover.

The sun was pouring through every window that I opened so I spread out my yoga mat but only had a bit of time so I did a 10 minute quick fix of intermediate balance on my app. The kitties joined me as usual, making some of the balances tough.

For breakfast I tried out a protein pancake recipe I had found online. I did 2 scoops of my Designer Whey Fit & Trim French Vanilla because the scoop is half the size. They came out pretty good, and for all of them it was only 4 points+. I topped them with 2 tablespoons of sugar free syrup and some bananas which are both 0 points+.

Since I didn’t have to rush into running, I had a very relaxed morning. I worked on some stuff for my online photography course and helped Tony out remaking the intro for his youtube channel. (Check that out HERE btw.) I sat around for awhile and then started dinner up, using a recipe from Skinnytaste, which I will post later.

Once everything was all done and packed away I made some lunch. It had been forever since I’ve had a not grilled sandwich of any sort so I had some krakus ham with provolone and tons of veggies. I added a bit of thousand island dressing and topped it with the Special K Sour Cream and Onion Cracker Chips I used as a side. 6 points+ for everything and it was very good and filling.

Tony headed off to work and I got ready to go for my run. It was WINDY outside. I ended up walking a few times and ending with 4.06 miles in 40 minutes. Not as bad as I had expected after taking a few little breaks. I got home and did my leg/glute workouts even though I wasn’t feeling it at ALL after a hard run.
workout 3

I finally finished everything and made an english muffin with PB2 and sliced up an apple. 3 points+. Apples are always WAY to big to eat all at once for me so I put about 1/3 in the fridge for later.

After all that I just wanted to lay down but it was time to finish up the house chores and then shower, but not before downloading the new Nancy Drew game that has been out since the 12th. I honestly can’t believe I’ve held out this long, but since it’s my day off and I have no plans I really just had to! It installed while I showered and I wanted something sweet so I made some of my caramel & coconut tea and had a caramel corn rice cake with it! Only 1 point+.

Tony had The Witcher 3 preordered and it was available so I went to the mall to pick it up for me. By the time I got back it was time for dinner. I found this recipe on Skinnytaste and knew I had to make it! I cut the recipe in half, and also used ground chicken instead of beef. That was actually not as easy of a switch as I hoped. The chicken stuck to everything and was very hard to make into patties. After mixing the meat with the add ins I used a scale to measure them into equal piles and had to sear them slightly to hold them together before transferring them to the grill of my NuWave oven. Otherwise I stuck to the recipe! I roasted broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots with some seasonings and soy sauce and bought Chung’s Vegetable Spring Rolls from the freezer section. My whole meal was 9 points+. I wish the burger was beef and 3 times the size, but it was a great meal! I’m pretty excited to eat the leftovers tomorrow!

I got pulled back into my game and catching up on some new shows on Hulu and then I decided it was time to do my ab video. After, I blended up a s’mores frappuccino similar to the liquored up version we made over the weekend. It didn’t thicken like I wanted it to and it didn’t have much flavor, so I won’t quite share the recipe yet. Someday I will perfect it!
IMG_6645Considering it wasn’t very satisfying I of course reached for some fruit and had the rest of my apple from earlier and about a half cup of grapes. Much better! Now only 40 minutes until Tony gets home and we will keep our routine going. Work for 3 days and then a BIG weekend coming up! Be excited, I AM!


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