Gloomy Tuesday

Can it be a little warmer please? I’d rather not have my heat on in May! I woke up chilled and put on a sweatshirt before starting my yoga. I did a 20 minute intermediate running stretch routine and then started my breakfast. I made a veggie omelette with mushrooms, spinach, green onion, and mozzarella cheese. We had some turkey breakfast sausage left in the freezer so I thawed it out last night and made some of that as well. I topped my omelette with some valentina and had some toast with preserves along with it all, and of course a half of a banana, freezing the other half for a snack later. 4 points+ total!

After eating I relaxed for a bit on the computer and then had to get ready to run. I pulled out the treadmill and turned on Netflix! I ended up going for 5 miles in just 47:30! So proud of myself for sticking to it! I took a much needed shower. One of my FAVORITE feelings is right after a post run shower. I grabbed my frozen banana and a frozen strawberry from earlier and blended it with a half a cup of cottage cheese, a slice of pineapple, a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, a scoop of Fit & Trim French Vanilla Designer Whey protein, and some water to enjoy a banana split protein shake! I wanted more when I finished and it was just 3 points+.

Finally time to sit down before work and play some Nancy Drew, not before making a cup of Coconut Caramel tea. What a nice afternoon.

Before I knew it I was planning lunch. I went with the easy out today because I was feeling lazy and had a SmartOnes frozen meal. I ate a 0 point salad while waiting for it to microwave with my favorite dressing, Olde Cape Cod Toasted Sesame Soy & Ginger. I ended up going with Creamy Basil Chicken w/ Broccoli. 4 points+.

I got my snack ready and headed off. After being there for a very short while I ate very prematurely. It was SO good though. Caramel corn rice cake with Better’n Butter & cinnamon with a banana. So good I was considering having more for dessert later.

Work was VERY slow considering we had a cancellation and another person not show up at all and my last appointment came in early and I got out VERY fast. I stopped at the store to grab something for our party this weekend (which they didn’t have) and got a few things I had needed. After finally getting home I started some veggies in the oven with a spring roll and heated the rest of my dinner from last night. 9 points+ again, adding only a pickle.

I surfed some recipes and relaxed for a bit and then played some more Nancy Drew. I am liking it MUCH more than the last one and actually not looking anything up on walkthroughs. (Some of the puzzles get boring to me and I’d rather just progress, so what?!) After playing for a bit I decided to do some ab workouts! I went with a new video:

Not my favorite so far, I think my favorite is the 7 minute abs.

So it was time for dessert of course! I had some toasted coconut vanilla greek yogurt with Special K cocoa popped delights. 4 points+ to cap off my night right on target!

It’s so early still so I feel like I might get hungry again. Let’s hope not because I’m already pretty close to my goal on myfitnesspal as well and I don’t even want to eat fruit later (which I normally end up doing at some point after publishing my posts). I am trying to control myself some more this week and even on the weekend at our party! We will see!


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