Is it Friday yet?

Nasty nasty day. Woke up, did Daily Stretches yoga routine. I tried to make a cinnamon mug cake afterwards and it turned into a rock hard cookie thing, although I will admit that it tasted fine. I did have some great weight control cinnamon oatmeal with it and sautéed some apples. All of that together was 5 points+.

After breakfast we went to Jewel to get the pork tenderloin for the party and they ALSO didn’t have it. Got a few other things we needed and filled our water jugs, which didn’t work all that well either.

When I got home I started my Chest/Triceps/Biceps workout. Once I finished that I didn’t feel like running at all. I attempted to do one of the easy weight loss runs programmed on my treadmill and do it on an incline and I couldn’t handle it. Anytime I try something knew and it is way too much I get discouraged. I ended up doing 8 minutes running uphill (.7 mi), 5 minutes walking uphill (.35 mi), and then 8.5 minutes running flat (1 mi). 21:30 for 2.05 miles isn’t SO bad, but very small compared to my 5 miles yesterday. I was feeling pretty crappy after that, so luckily my snack was fantastic. I toasted an english muffin and put some cottage cheese with a tad bit of vanilla and cinnamon mixed in on top. Strawberries finished it up and I popped it into my NuWave for 4 minutes. SO GOOD and only 3 points+!

I still had a long time before lunch because I didn’t start work until 4. I took a long shower and roasted some cauliflower for dinner later. Today was just weird and I didn’t have anything I felt like doing so once the regular chores were done I just had an annoying time between everything and work. This cute boy somehow managed to cheer me up a bit.

Finally it was time for lunch. Krakus ham, cheddar cheese, sriracha sandwich grilled on my NuWave with sour cream and onion Special K cracker chips and a half of an apple, costing me 6 points+.

I got my snack ready and headed off to work. PB2 w/ chocolate on a caramel corn rice cake and some coconut caramel tea. 2 points+.

Work was SLOW and I only had one appointment. Luckily I was working with my assistant manager for the first couple of hours. Even the last hour and a half dragged while actually working.

When I got home I found a very wet package at our door. Luckily it contained a shower caddie, which can be wet. It also had a new BIG jar of PB2. We rolled through the 6.5 oz jar so I decided ordering a 16 oz one was a good idea!

Even Dexter is surprised!

Even Dexter is surprised!

Instead of starting dinner I jumped on the treadmill and ran a quick 2 miles in just 18:13! It felt great to make up for my terrible slump earlier. I prepared everything for dinner and jumped in the shower while it baked. Flatout thin crust pizza! I put ALL of my favorite toppings on: green pepper, spinach, garlic, mushrooms, tomato, and of course marinara and mozzarella with a dash of italian seasoning. I roasted cauliflower earlier tossed in buffalo sauce for some “wings” on the side. It was FANTASTIC and very filling! (ONLY 6 POINTS+!!!!!!)

I binge watched Netflix for a bit and then it was of course time for some abs! I went with another new one. Pretty intense, but not as many lower workouts like some of their others!

Afterwards I grabbed a Skinny Cow caramel pretzel ice cream bar and some grapes and strawberries! I went back for more grapes afterwards… I have a problem.

I am glad today is over. I somehow managed to eat a bit better than I have, going over sugar less and not piling the calories up to quickly. I mostly think I just didn’t eat an abnormal amount of fruit. The only part of the day I didn’t mind (after work) FLEW by, which isn’t all that bad since Tony will be here in less hour! Hopefully tomorrow starts off better, and then after work it’s the weekend! I have 5 straight days off before going back into the grind again, so I intend on enjoying every single moment!


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