Today is my Friday! I woke up in a great mood, and it followed me through the day! (Mostly at least) After this day of work I am off Friday-Tuesday so I have REALLY been looking forward to this!

I pulled out my yoga mat and with cats meowing and rubbing at my feed managed to do a 10 minute Quick Fix Intermediate Combination routine on my app. It felt perfect and really got me ready for the morning.

I had all of the intentions on eating some cereal this morning but by then I was feeling some REAL hunger and decided to make myself some french toast. 3 slices of bread, 1/2 cup All Whites egg whites and 1/4 cup almond milk later I had myself a feast. I garnished with strawberries, a half a banana and 2 tbsp of sugar-free syrup. All that? Only 4 points+.

French toast looks and feels like a TON of food when you slice them in half first.

French toast looks and feels like a TON of food when you slice them in half first.

I did some meal planning for the weekend so I can manage everything tomorrow night and at our party. I really plan on not having any more AWFUL weekends like the past few have been. I’m sick of working towards something all week and not making much progress because I’m mostly just making up for doing horribly before that.

After being sucked into the internet I realized it was time to run, and to top it off I was asked to come a half an hour early into work so I really had to get motivated. I pulled out the treadmill because I know the “chilliness” outside would give me an excuse to have a short run. I did 3.1 mi in just 28 minutes! I am LOVING this new 9 minute mile thing I have going on! I have now already finished 20.1/20 miles for my weekly goal. Only bad thing is after going into negative weekly remaining points last weekend, I didn’t make up for it with activity points. Since tomorrow is going to be nice and Tony and I are both off of work, we will have a nice long run at the path, but all of my points will be reset since it’s weigh in day.

After jumping in the shower I mixed protein powder and fat-free yogurt and ate it with some Peanut Butter Cheerios and half of an apple. (3 points+) I accidentally bought regular plain yogurt instead of greek so the protein struggle is real. I’d really much rather just be adding PB2!

Today was pretty boring. I went back online for awhile and just browsed around at recipes. Lunch time came around quick and I whipped up some taco meat by throwing some Tyson’s grilled & ready chicken strips in a pan with spices. I ate it on a half of a Flatout wrap with onions, lettuce and Valentina. On the side I tried out my new Beanitos White Bean Nacho Cheese chips with some salsa! Delicious and 5 points+!

I packed up a Fiber One 90 calorie “brownie” (Cinnamon Coffee Cake), my other half of apple, and a bag of popcorn and headed off to work. I had a pretty tough first session and then someone who came in 15 minutes late not even dressed yet and I thought I was being punished for it being my last night before being off for 5 days. Then I had a few easier/good ones and another that was tough but not nearly as bad as I expected. I finished up with them around 6:40 and waited around for my 7 o’clock. I had everything ready to close up right after finishing with them so I could get out as quickly as possible. At about 6:50 I refreshed my appointment book and BAM! No 7 o’clock appointment!? They had cancelled online! My weekend had pretty much already started! I locked up the studio and closed the register and jetted out of there!

After a pretty smooth drive home I got into some comfortable clothes and started the oven! Pizza again today, but instead of my normal go to toppings I tried something new; HAWAIIAN! Ham, pineapple, green pepper, mushrooms, and the usual sauce and cheese and I was set!

After eating too fast and not having any sides I was TECHNICALLY full, but of course wanted more. I took my mind off of it by going online ONCE AGAIN and looking up some more recipes for this weekend. It was still early so I really wanted to wait on dessert for as long as possible. I decided to paint my nails so I could take that off of my list of all the stuff needed to be done tomorrow to prepare for the party. I was in crucial need since I had bitten them all off last weekend and this is pretty much the only way I’ll get them to grow back.

I played some Nancy Drew for awhile, putting my dessert off as long as possible. Next up was abs! I was going to do the 10 minute video today but instead went with my favorite: 6 minute abs

I had some S’mores tea steeping as I did this so it would be ready and partially cooled. Unfortunately when putting my milk and cinnamon in I accidentally grabbed the cayenne pepper. I tried to salvage it but I took a big drink and it immediately gave me heartburn! For dessert I made up an english muffin with pb2 and marshmallow fluff for a fluffernutter dessert costing only 4 points+! (On the “healthier” side for a DESSERT if you ask me!)

Getting home earlier + eating dinner slightly earlier = too early of a dessert. I suppose I’d rather eat it further from when I lay down in bed, but it’s hard for me to go very long without craving something or another. I made a vow to not eat anything after this and I’m sticking to it! The night before weigh in is no time to be week! It’s only 10:36, so I have 2 hours before Tony gets home. Time for some binge Hulu watching, Nancy Drew playing, and internet surfing for me! I’m so good at multi-tasking!


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