My Memorial Day Weekend Break… continued!

We’re still going! And I still have ONE MORE DAY after this before going back to real life.

This morning I woke up to the buzzing of my fitbit! It tracked my sleep perfectly and I got 6 hours and 22 minutes of sleep, only 40 minutes less than the 7 hours I prefer! I thing I am finally out of my mega sweet tooth breakfast kick and really wanted eggs so I made an omelette with some green pepper, green onion, mini bell pepper, mushrooms, and cheddar and an english muffin with strawberry preserves and strawberries! 4 points+.

Afterwards I had to plan dinners out for this week so we could go shopping later. By the time I planned everything out it was time to run. This is the first time I’ve taken a 2 day break in a long time! I jumped on the treadmill and did 3.5 mi in 33 minutes. I was sweating like crazy! I jumped off and made some greek yogurt with pb2 and a half an apple. My favorite! The new Fage yogurt I bought is an extra point for some reason so it was a total of 3 points+.

We cleaned up some things that were straggling from the party and did some normal house chores. After finally finishing everything and getting ready we were off for a fun day of slight errands and nice time together!

First stop was the thrift store to grab some costume materials for Tony’s next episode on his youtube channel. (look out for that!). Afterwards we had to return the keg from the party, and I realized I was getting VERY hungry. I had planned to eat at home today, but it didn’t seem like we had much of a choice. We stopped at the health food store just because we had never went. Then it was off to Panera Bread! I had the strawberry poppy seed salad with chicken and a banana. It was fantastic! It was the first fruity salad I have ever had. It cost me 4 points+.

We then went to Barnes & Noble which was one of the main things we wanted to do. We used to go there multiple times a week for coffee when Tony had homework and I was looking at wedding magazines constantly! I got a light mocha frappuccino for 3 points+. It was honestly better than the s’mores one I had last weekend!

I had a stack of cookbooks to look at and found lots of recipes I want to try. I then fell in love with a Hungry Girl book and ended up buying it!

We finished up and headed off to the grocery store. Finally we got home and we started the charcoal on the grill and took a 20 minute walk since it was still so nice. I decided to ask my cousin if she still had the receipt for my fitbit because I am thinking about exchanging it for a Charge HR (even though I want the Surge). I am still kind of debating but I really think it’s worth it!

When we got back we popped everything on the grill! We had Boca burgers with Alexia sweet potato fries and roasted veggies. Of course with a pickle! 7 points+ all together.

We relaxed a bit and I did some research on my fitbit choice (still unsure) and then I decided to try out a new dessert recipe from my new book; S’mores Bread Pudding! That’s right world, I can make EVERYTHING s’mores themed this year too! It went REALLY well, but wasn’t very pretty coming out of the oven because when I attempted to broil the marshmallows for 1 minute they immediately burned. After scraping a bit off it was still delicious. I topped mine with a small scoop of neapolitan ice cream and fat-free whipped cream because I still had an extra point! The total was 5 points+.

I ALMOST went back for seconds, but I controlled myself somehow.

I ALMOST went back for seconds, but I controlled myself somehow.

So I skipped my shoulders/back and ab workouts Friday, and haven’t done abs since… and also skipped my legs workout today. (I did however walk up a very steep hill!) Tomorrow I will get back into the groove, but this was fun while it lasted! I’m just proud I ran today and did well!


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