My Memorial Day Weekend Break!

What a weekend! I woke up Friday and started with my weigh in. I gained again, but only by decimals. I knew that I needed to not go completely off the wall this weekend and that my mistakes for the past few really were putting a halt on my progress. I did my 15 minute Advanced Combination yoga routine and then got my coffee and started breakfast! I anticipated drinking a little bit later so I kept it light with some bran cereal with half a banana and one strawberry and baked egg whites with green onion and mushrooms. 3 points+!? Alright!

We had a lot to do to prepare for our party before we headed down to the campground. After getting some things ready around the house we started some laundry at my parents’ house, had a banana, and headed off to the path from there! We ended with a 4 mile run in 37 minutes!

Afterwards we ran to the store and then to get an old game system from his aunt since she had found it in her parents’ attic and knew Tony was a fanatic. We got home and my mom took us to Sam’s Club to get some pork tenderloin for Saturday and I found amazing mason jar mugs for $10 and it came with 6 different colors and quotes AND extra straws!

We got home and ran around packing and preparing things. My main goal was to bring healthier snacks that were already portioned, which I did! We also had a good dinner planned! It was time for lunch, so I made a barbecue chicken wrap with grilled & ready chicken, spinach, onion, lettuce, and onion. On the side I cut up some cucumber, carrots & green pepper. 5 points+.

We brought a ton of stuff over to his mom’s house for the party and then headed off to the campground to visit with Tony’s dad.. It was so nice and peaceful to be away from our loud “highway for a backyard” house. I drank some and snacked on some sour cream and onion cracker chips. (2 points+). I was making half shot drinks so my total for the night only ended up being 4 points+. I LOVE the Smirnoff Light Sorbet Summer Strawberry Vodka. 3 points+ for one shot!

We had a great time hanging out and then it was time for dinner! We marinated 2 HUGE portobello mushrooms in a balsamic steak marinade and had sweet potatoes on the side! It was so good, and I would 100% do it again. Such a great substitute for steak and potatoes! 5 points+ for a fantastic dinner!

We took a drive around the campground and checked out a new spot they were soon moving into, and stopped by a family friend’s camper to hang out with some of them. After being there for a while we headed back to make some s’mores! We bought low-fat crackers and dark chocolate to make them as healthy as possible. I had 2 and it was 7 points+. Not too bad, and I managed to not go over in points, which is good, because I can’t say the same for the party.

We sat around the fire a bit and then headed home. We got some tea and watched Seinfeld and went to sleep to get ready for the next day.

Saturday morning was a lot less busy since we got so much done the day before. I had specific meals planned so I could do the best I could the whole day. For breakfast I had an egg whites omelette with cheese, ham, and veggies with a piece of toast and preserves. 4 points+.

I ended up putting half the omelette on the toast with preserves and it complimented it well! Yum!

I ended up putting half the omelette on the toast with preserves and it complimented it well! Yum!

After breakfast we got ready and drove to some yard sales. The first one we stopped at I got a great book! We then ended up finding a TON of stuff at a Relay for Life garage sale/fundraiser; a nice suitcase (which we were in need of), a roaster, more books, etc.

We got home and prepared the pork tenderloin and other food for the party. I packed TONS of healthy snacks. I also made a lunch of a ham sandwich on an english muffin with cream cheese, cucumbers, green onion, and sriracha with carrots and green pepper. I brought it with us and did my best to not eat too early.

We got everything set up and the party commenced! We had a really good time with everyone. It’s nice to do things this big when we don’t do much in between the bigger parties now-a-days. I snacked here and there on random party foods, but I DID track everything. He cooked the pork tenderloin and had a chicken breast marinating with the Thai-inspired marinade he had on one them. I also made a foil pack of veggies. After a grill fire and lots of stress I finally got to eat!

One thing to mention that happened during the party is that when my cousin and her boyfriend got there they gave me a late birthday present…. A FITBIT FLEX! I am super excited and already in love with it, I will definitely talk about it more once I figure it out some more.

It matches my accent nail AND the studs on the shirt I wore that day. They know me too well.

It matches my accent nail AND the studs on the shirt I wore that day. They know me too well.

Tons of drinking and eating snacks later things started to settle down. I had some tea and a fiber one bar. More people ended up coming pretty late so we had to head to sleep before everyone was even gone. At the end of the night I ended at 21 points over my points goal, still leaving me 32 weekly points. Not bad at all, seeing as I have been going into the negative weekly points every weekend.

We woke up and cleaned up the bit that myself and a few others hadn’t yet the night before. There were some people still there that had slept over so we went out to breakfast. I got poached eggs on an english muffin with cottage cheese and fruit. I haven’t had yolk in SO LONG so it was amazing, but sort of higher in the points at 11 points+.

We left a few things at his mom’s to dry out from the rain so after breakfast we went home and got his car so he could go grab things including the keg they needed to finish and I went to the grocery store with our friend to get things we needed and some buns for burgers we had leftover. When we got home we hung out and a couple of friends came over. I set up some things on my fitbit and was starving so I had a snack of some popcorn, grapes, a weight watchers string cheese, and a La Croix. (2 points+)

I was feeling way to sedentary so I talked everyone into a walk. We went around a mile and headed back home and it was already time for dinner! We grilled and I made myself a packet of veggies and had bought myself some Dietz & Watson Oktoberfest Chicken Bratwurst. Corn was on a crazy sale so I got some of that too! Total that cost me 7 points+.

After dinner Tony wanted to start a fire even though I hate sitting in our yard due to the highway being so loud. I will admit that it wasn’t as bad as I expected. I ended up having a couple of drinks that ended up being 6 points+. He fell asleep early and I made myself a s’mores bringing myself 6 points+ over in my day.

Great night cap... and I may have had a plain marshmallow afterwards as well.

Great night cap… and I may have had a plain marshmallow afterwards as well.

It’s getting late and I just now am finishing my last drink while watching Hulu and everyone has gone home. I am so proud of this weekend and my great will power! I wasn’t planning on going over today, but it was just barely and 2 days out of the week isn’t horrible and I still have a lot of my weekly allowance left that I almost definitely will not use! We have another day off together tomorrow, and although he will probably be hung over, I am pretty excited to have a day to ourselves! Almost time for some tea and then sleep! I’m so excited to use the sleep tracking feature on my new fitbit!


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