My Memorial Day Weekend Break… The End.

Today was the day, my last day of beautiful break. Now I had to wait 2 months until vacation to feel this way again!

It was gloomy when I woke up, not a promising start. I slept in a tiny bit later than usual and almost skipped yoga AGAIN. But I got out my mat and did my daily stretches routine. Afterwards I was starving so I indulged a bit and had a 6 points+ breakfast. A big bowl of Peanut Butter Cheerios (which I finished off, so sad), pb2 on toast, lower sugar preserve jam, strawberries and half a banana.

After getting ready we went to go check out the Fitbits at Best Buy. They unfortunately don’t sell the orange one, so I have some thinking to do still! We then went to a used book store and I bought a new book to ready that was kind of overpriced if you ask me. Then we went to Hobby Lobby because I have wanting a recipe box and could not find one that I liked anywhere so I decided to make a binder! I found a super cute “life journal” binder that you buy inserts for and then some actual recipe cards and inserts that are actually for it! I am so excited to fill it up!

After a quick stop at the grocery store we were finally back home. I had some cottage cheese with the blueberries I just bought while getting things together for dinner. 2 points+.

Dinner took much longer than I thought it would and it was time for me to eat lunch! I had my leftover Oktoberfest Chicken Sausage with some ketchup and made a big salad for a side! Lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomato, carrots, green onion, and light balsamic dressing!

Tony left for work and the clouds cleared up and it was SO pretty outside I rushed to the path for a run! After about a mile and a half the clouds came back and I knew it would happen soon. It rained a bit and then started getting worse so I figured since it was a good .6 miles to get back to my car I should head back. I ended at 24 minutes and 2.6 miles. It stopped raining once I was driving home so when I got there I jumped out of my car and ran another 1.28 mi in 11:39! When I got inside I decided it was time to finally do my lower body workout that I put off…. since yesterday. Instead of my normal routine I did a video off of XHIT Daily’s youtube. It was pretty intense!

All sweaty, I grabbed a smokey Weight Watchers string cheese and some pecans. After my shower I still felt hungry and also ate an apple. 2 points+ total.

I did some more Fitbit research, and caught up on some of my recipe blogs and then it was time to start dinner up for me! Tonight I tried out a recipe I found online: Skinnytaste – Cheesy Jalapeno Popper Baked Stuffed Chicken. I roasted up some yellow and zucchini squash, carrots, and mini bell peppers and then had a few cheddar Special K cracker chips. Since I made a few changes in the recipe (like eliminating the bacon and olive oil and using fat-free cream cheese) and the chicken portioned out a bit differently my whole dinner was only 7 points+. I’m not sure if my jalapenos were too big, or what I did wrong but it was SPICY. I LOOOOVE spicy food and it was almost intolerable. I did leave the seeds, but I figured we could handle it.

I did some more research on the fitbit (I’m a little obsessed) while watching Hulu and decided it was time to do some ab workouts! Feeling guilty for not doing any SINCE FRIDAY I decided to do a longer one. I only got halfway through though and decided that it was time for some bread pudding! I think I liked it better reheated! Thank god for fat-free Reddi Whip by the way, YUM!

It feels like forever since I’ve sat here without Tony waiting for him to come home. It’s kind of relieving, I always do like going back into routine after a switch up. I had a fantastic long weekend though, and I really do wish we could spend everyday together and with friends like that! It was only SLIGHTLY tough on my healthy eating and I don’t know how much longer I could have taken having get togethers without splurging!


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