Back to the grind!

I really do enjoy waking up to my Fitbit silent alarm instead of startling noise! It was sunny and beautiful when I got out of bed so I got out my yoga mat and did the 15 minute advanced combination routine. After I got some coffee, it was time for breakfast. I still had some extra bread from the bread pudding I made so I went with french toast! I used my usual method, 1/2 cup all whites liquid egg whites, 1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, dash of cinnamon, and splash of vanilla!

I dipped the bread carefully (last time I soaked way too much right away and didn’t have enough!) and then popped them on the griddle. Meantime I cut up half a banana, a strawberry, and grabbed some blueberries! I guess I should have made these for Memorial day… I was a little late.
IMG_6828 IMG_6827

Finally it was all finished! I topped them off with some pecans and sugar-free syrup and dug in! 5 points+!

I decided to jump directly into a workout so I wouldn’t get lazy. Since I hadn’t really stuck to my normal schedule this week due to the long weekend I went with the Total Arms workout on XHIT. After I finished that we got ready to go for a run. I wanted to run outside, but not drive to the path and waste time before work, but I certainly didn’t want to run around my neighborhood. We decided to try out going to the neighborhood adjacent to ours. It was a beautiful day and a GREAT run. I didn’t go quite as long/far as I would have liked, but my pace was sort of slow and I just wanted to have lots of time at home before work. I ended at 3.02 mi in 29 minutes.

When I got home I whipped up a quick yummy protein snack, toasted coconut greek yogurt and Special K cereal! 3 points+.

I have been going through my food Pinterest board sorting things out so I can start my recipe book up, so I worked on that some and did some other online browsing. After awhile I decided I wanted to make my dinner. (I was NOT eating the spicy leftovers from last night!) Once I finished that it was already time for lunch. I made a ham and swiss grilled cheese with onions and swiss. I was still preparing dinner stuff so I ended up burning it, but I don’t mind. I had some Beanitos Chipotle Barbecue chips and a carrot on the side. 5 points+.

I packed up a string cheese and popcorn (2 points+) and it was off to work!

I ended up with 2 appointments, one which cried and had to give up and one that was all older kids and definitely fun and easy. After making what felt like 1 trillion calls from a call list it was time to close.

I went to Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up my prescription and figured I’d walk around some to make my steps goal and make a list of things I will buy when I can splurge some.

I got home and microwaved my dinner up. Earlier I made some quinoa and sautéed some frozen shrimp, mini peppers, spinach, and green onion with garlic. After both were finished I combined and added a tbsp of PB2, a tsp of soy sauce, a tsp of sriracha, some crushed red pepper flakes, and small scoop of ginger! It turned out really good but not quite hearty enough so I added a bit of grilled & ready chicken after. I still don’t feel it was filling enough, but I loved the recipe so I’ll have to make some changes. 7 points+ total.

Pretty fancy for a randomly thrown together dinner!

Pretty fancy for a randomly thrown together dinner!

It was finally time to relax, after some dishes of course. I watched some Hulu and did some online browsing. I went with the 7 minute ab video today, and man was it tough! I rewarded myself with extra fat-free whipped cream on my bread pudding! 4 points+!

I promise it's under there somewhere...

I promise it’s under there somewhere…

Back at it again tomorrow. I didn’t have any crazy cravings early in the day and felt pretty full. It wasn’t until after dinner that I started feeling unsatisfied. I’m almost certain I will be reaching for some fruit before bed, but I will try not to! Now for some more recipe sorting and Tony will be home in no time!


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