My long non-stop day

To start off, I woke up a bit late because I didn’t feel my silent alarm, or just went back to sleep after it went off. I did 3 sun salutation sequences and then started my breakfast. I had Quaker maple brown sugar weight control oatmeal and added banana, blueberries, and regrettably some chocolate chips. They were good, but I really could have used the extra point on some pecans instead! 5 points+ total.

I decided that since I would be getting out of work somewhat earlier than usual, I would run after on the way home at the path. So, we went grocery shopping so I wouldn’t have to stop today or tomorrow. We spent awhile there and probably bought more than we needed. Yesterday I found a plain black skater skirt which I have been looking for and there was ONE left and in my size so I picked it up today, but my main purchase was a new water bottle. I have been wanting one that has measurements on it and I went with a 32 oz Contigo! I absolutely love it!

t matches my Fitbit! One thing I will miss about this one!

It matches my Fitbit! One thing I will miss about this one!

When we got home I made up a caramel corn rice cake with PB2 (2 points+) and had some coconut caramel tea while browsing around online. I am getting dangerously close to the end of my box! Hopefully I can find them somewhere when I run out!

After getting lost online it was time to make lunch and get ready for work. I made a turkey wrap with buffalo sauce, lettuce, spinach, green onion, and cheddar jack cheese. I also included spinach, lettuce, and green onion! With it I had carrots, cucumber, and a smoked Weight Watchers cheese stick. 6 points+.

I packed up an english muffin with low sugar preserves and strawberries (2 points+) and rushed to work! I got my sessions finished up and on my way to get change I saw some moccasin inspired fringe sandals. I have always wanted some but the Minnetonka ones are always so expensive and I never see any others that I like. I finished up at work, clocked out, changed into my running clothes, and went straight to try them on! There was ONE box, and IT WAS IN MY SIZE! What are the odds!? Twice in one day, and I normally have the complete opposite problem! I get my discount at the JCPenney store for working in Portrait AND I had a coupon, so I got a great deal on them.

Off to the path it was! It was cooling down and the sun was on it’s way down. Beautiful time for a run, and if it weren’t for the fact that I love getting a run over with earlier in the day I would do this more often! I don’t trust myself to actually go later. I went 4 miles in 36:16! Best pace on an outside run so far if I am correct!

I got home, and popped my sweet potato in the oven. After my shower I added some thick cut deli honey ham, carrots, and green beans with brown sugar. After doing dishes and other chores I did XHIT’s 6 minute abs and then got everything out of the oven! I cut my sweet potato in half and decided to save some for my leftovers tomorrow. All together only 5 points+. Extra dessert for me!

It was finally relaxing time. I turned on some Hulu per usual and hopped on the laptop for some more random browsing. Since I did my abs earlier I didn’t have to before dessert! I finished off the last of the bread pudding and had a generous scoop of peanut butter cup ice cream on it, courtesy of only eating half my potato! I topped it off with some whipped cream (big surprise). 6 points+!

Last picture of this dessert (for now anyways!)

Last picture of this dessert. (for now anyways!)

Surprisingly I wasn’t over my sugar/carb goals nearly as much as I am most other days. Weigh in tomorrow, and I am only thinking positive thoughts! I have been feeling REALLY good about my body lately and seeing the best results I ever have. My lifestyle has changed greatly in the past 3-4 months and I definitely don’t see myself going back. I already know that once I meet my goal I will give my self more leniency, but being active is such a part of my routine and I actually like eating healthily! I miss lots of the bad foods I used to eat, and I WILL allow myself to have those a bit more often in the future, but for now… this is me! 


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