How unexpected! I woke up, got my scale out and changed into my weigh in clothes. (Lame I know, but I want to keep it consistent, leave me alone.) I hopped on the scale and I REACHED MY GOAL! I’m thinking that the past couple of weeks were just heavier days, and today was a light day, but STILLLLL! I double checked and cross examined with an old scale and it was real!

I decided to keep my Weight Watchers going and not go into maintenance quite yet and set a new goal of 125 lbs. I’m not sure I want or can get to that weight, but I still have areas that could lose some flab. *cough* Thighs, I’m talking to you! *cough*.  So for now I will keep up on my regular diet and routine. I am so happy with my results.

I did a quick fix 10 minute intermediate combonation yoga routine and started up my breakfast and had some very ripe banana so I made 2 ingredient pancakes. I switched it up a bit and added some things to the usual 1 banana and 1/2 cup egg white mixture. 1/4 tsp of baking powder, vanilla, cinnamon, blueberries, and pecans! I topped it off with sugar-free syrup and some whipped cream!  (Hey, it was a celebration!) 5 points+.

I updated my progress pictures and went online for a little while and AGAIN did research on Fitbits. I almost was going to go all out on the Surge as a reward for meeting my goal, but I think it may be too big and uncomfortable on me and it only comes in black. The GPS WOULD be nice, but maybe I will upgrade after I get used to having a watch on constantly in the first place. I’ve decided to go with the Charge HR, most likely in plum since it’s that or black. I WISH THEY WOULD LET US KNOW WHEN THE TANGERINE IS COMING OUT! I am very unhappy that it’s not an option yet!

I was feeling lazy and finally decided to run. I need to definitely do a good one tomorrow because today I only did a 15 minute 1.5 mile quick treadmill session. Afterwards I ate an english muffin with cottage cheese and fruit for 3 points+

After showering and getting ready for work I relaxed a bit more and then got some lunch ready. After some thought we made the choice to eat the leftovers from last night for lunch and go out to dinner for a date night! I ate only part of my ham and it all came to 4 points+.

I packed a caramel corn rice cake and grapes and once again RUSHED to work. Tony drove me there so that he could just pick me up and we could go straight to dinner! After what felt like forever at work it was 7 and I quickly clocked out and got changed!

We went to Mago Grill & Cantina. It was in a promenade mall so we parked far and enjoyed a walk in this nice weather. I have never had this type of Mexican/Latin food so I didn’t know what to expect! After munching on WAY to many chips with 3 different types of salsa (maybe around 11 points+?) and ordering a light corona (5 points+), I finally explored the menu enough. I went with Medio Pollo en Mole Xico: orange mojo marinated chicken slow roasted with mole xico, mexican rice, and sweet plantains. I estimated that to be around 9 points+. I did NOT want to do this badly, but I didn’t know what to order. After looking at the menu at home I find I could have made a burrito gluten free and had a bowl of meat on lettuce with vegetables. I DEFINITELY would have done that! Now I still have a thigh and leg with mole and rice leftover!

After dinner we walked across the street to Barnes & Noble and got coffee (1 points+ with adding nonfat milk) and a s’mores cookie to split (5 points+). This was WAY better than the cookie dough or red velvet cheesecake we almost ordered.

After wandering a bit we headed home. I decided to give my abs a break. They were KILLING me all through last nights workout from being sore from Wednesday’s! We capped the night off watching some Seinfeld and relaxing. Back to work tomorrow!

Although I didn’t plan on going over today, I feel okay. I estimated that I went over 28 points+. That leaves me with 21 weekly allowance that I don’t plan on using. I can easily earn that back in activity through the next week!


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