Saturday Success!

I think the weather knew I had work today and got gloomy to fit my mood. I woke up and got ready and had a quick breakfast of Quaker weight control maple brown sugar with strawberries and blueberries. 4 points+.

I packed a banana (which I ate too early) and some Special K cereal with almonds (which I never ate). So no points! Work went pretty averagely and I had a good time working with my manager for the first time in forever. It got slow and we all just kind of hung out for a bit and at 1 she said I could leave.

It was too rainy to run outside, and my cousin wasn’t getting into town until 2 or so to give me the receipt to exchange my Fitbit so I tried to go shopping a bit but couldn’t find any bras or bathing suits I liked. I left and went to pick up Tony from home and we were off! We picked up the receipt and visited a bit and then we headed to Best Buy. They didn’t have the plum Charge HR and instead of waiting for one to be shipped we decided to take a trip out by his work to get one!!

Glorious! But I still wish it was orange!

Glorious! But I still wish it was orange!

We needed lunch BADLY and we happened to be pretty close to the restaurant that catered our wedding, Uncle Bubs, so we headed over for the first time since we paid the final payment before the wedding! Delicious just as I remembered! I had a chicken breast sandwich that I took the top bun off of and ended up barely eating the bottom half with a sweet potato and HAD to have their mini cornbread loaf. I figured it all out to be somewhere around 18 points+. Yikes! Good thing it was already 5 and I barely ate today! I honestly think that I counted a bit higher than it really was though.
IMG_6882 IMG_6884

I was completely going to skip running today but on the way home I got motivated and once we got there I threw on my running clothes and pulled out the treadmill. I only ran a quick 18 min/2 mile, but that got me to my 20 mile goal for the week and that was with skipping Sunday & Monday!

I showered quickly and we headed off to the bar to watch the Blackhawk’s game and see Tony’s mom for her birthday. We only stayed until the end of the 2nd period because Tony unfortunately works 3rd shift tonight and we wanted some time at home before he had to leave.

When we got home I made an all veggie omelette with mini bell pepper, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, and green onion. I topped it off with some organic hot salsa and had some grapes and strawberries on the side. Only 1 points+, BAM, still room for dessert.

Of course I still had some ab workouts to do before I could break out the ice cream. I went with the 9 moves to a flat stomach video. Time for dessert! Edy’s Slow Churned ice cream was on sale so we have quite a few options in our freezer. This means ice cream will be my main dessert for awhile. Today I tried a new flavor; Coffee & Cookies Delight! 3 points+, capping off my points for today without going over!

I am very proud of myself for A) running after getting home much later than expected and planning on not running at all, B) managing my points after using so many for my late lunch, and last but not least C) going to a bar and not drinking or getting any of the delicious food I kept smelling all night! Oh, and D) after eating my ice cream, I wanted more SO bad, but instead I ate a banana! Over all it was a very good day!  


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