More accomplishments and goals!

I impress myself sometimes! This morning I woke up at 8 and by 8:13 I was on the treadmill! I did a quick 2 miles in 18:40. I jumped in the shower and then made breakfast. I liked the omelette so much last night that I made it again and this time had toast with lower sugar grape jelly and some fruit! 4 points+.

Being the last day of May it was time to see how much I’ve ran this month. 89.19 miles! Since I reached my goal weight I’ve decided to make a new goal of running 100 miles in the month of June to go along with my smaller weight goal. I made a plan to do at least 4 miles every weekday and then at least 3 miles each weekend at some point whether it be split between the days or on just one.

After some lounging I got a banana and english muffin with PB2 (3 points+) and left for work.

It was a slow day again and it went by pretty quickly. When I got off I went to my mom’s house for a late lunch. She made some delicious chicken noodle soup and bread. All together I figured it to be 11 points+. I forgot to take a picture and she almost got a bowl out to stage one for me because she follows my blog and thought I needed it that badly. HI MOM!

After hanging out for a bit I left to do some grocery shopping. I started with Wal-Mart to get some things and also get some more steps for my day. After I ran to another store to get all of my produce. All of my purchases were healthy and useful, but most importantly I got these:

I think I deserve it.

I think I deserve it.

I got home and after putting my groceries away did some dishes and got my dinner ready. My late lunch was once again huge, so I went for a salad. I tried to somewhat copy the Strawberry Poppy Seed salad from Panera. It was pretty good and only 2 points+!

Tony was still at work on his last day on evenings, so I was home alone once again. I watched some Hulu and browsed around online some more. In no time it was time to do some ab workouts. I did a quick 6 minute video. Afterwards I still had 1,000 steps left for the day so I did a bit of tidying around the house. I still couldn’t make it so I jumped on the treadmill for a 10 minute walk while watching TV. This fitbit is already making me more active!

Dessert time! I’m pretty pathetic and left myself 6 points+ by skimping out on dinner. I only had one S’mores Oreo (AMAZING, and I wish I could eat a whole row with a glass of milk). I had a nice helping of the chocolate and vanilla portion of neapolitan ice cream to go with it. This brought me right to my points+ goal!

Today flew by! I am really not looking forward to this week seeing as I only have one day off, but at least that will get us some extra money! I set some new goals this for this month:

  • Run 100 miles in the month of June
  • Do abs workout and reach 10,000 steps before dessert
  • Yoga every weekday
  • Stick to 3 strength training days a week
  • Don’t use more than weekly extra point allowance (less if possible)
  • Stay at or under 130 lbs

No better time to start new goals than on a Monday AND the beginning of a new month!


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