And today went slow…

Yesterday flew by and today it felt like I had all sorts of time before work. I DID go in an hour later, but it was seriously slow. That’s with me sleeping in until 8:30 and then lounging until 9. I managed to still run when I got out of bed though! So proud. 4 miles in 37:11. Hopefully tomorrow it will be warm enough at 8 to go outside!

After my run I cooked a nice breakfast. I am really digging all veggie omelets lately which is good since they have almost nothing to them! I had an english muffin with preserves and some fruit. The whole thing was 4 points+.

After breakfast I started up a video on POPSUGAR Fitness to work my legs some more since yesterday didn’t seem good to me. This was a bit better and I actually felt a bit of soreness while I was at work, so within the next day or too I’ll be paying for it!

I had a pretty relaxed and uneventful morning. After awhile of just relaxing and going online I cut up some nectarine and had some cottage cheese. 2 points+.

I didn’t really have much to do so I started up some yoga! I went with a 30 minute Advanced Combination routine and it was pretty intense! It felt good to do a longer routine for once!

After some more boring lounging and some housework I got my lunch ready. I had a Boca burger on a lettuce wrap with Beanitos chips, carrots and a pickle! It was amazing, and only 5 points+.

I packed up a rice cakes with PB2 (3 points+) and some pecans and got ready to leave for work. Tony was still sleeping due to getting home late this morning so I didn’t even get to see him! Work went well and we had some no shows so I got to chat with my manager and it was a pretty relaxed night. I ate my snack to early, as usual so I ended up being pretty hungry later.

I finished up with my last guest and headed out! I immediately started dinner up and heated our leftovers. Tonight I baked my tortilla into a tostada. I spread some of my beans on top and melted cheese on top of that and then spread a tablespoon of greek yogurt on top of that! Then came the chicken, onions, lettuce, corn and salsa. I had some corn and beans on the side as well with onions, salsa and cheese on them as well. 7 points+.

We cleaned up dinner and on to Seinfeld it was! We broke into season 8 tonight!  After a few episodes I took the 2 leftover tortillas and cupped them around bowls in the oven with some cinnamon & baking truvia on them for some healthy waffle bowls! While they cooled we got our abs going! 9 moves to a flatter stomach was our choice for the night. Quick and TOUGH. We then made up our ice cream bowls! Yum! 5 points+ to cap of right at my goal!

Today was a great day for food. All of my meals were seriously amazing! Now on to tomorrow where I don’t even have a dinner planned since I work until 7:30 or 8. Time for some recipe blog browsing I suppose!


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