National Running Day?

I had no idea that today was national running day! Funny thing is, I went on 2 runs! Good for me!

I woke up in the morning and did NOT get enough sleep. I did find that Fallout 4 was definitely announced, so at least I woke up to good news (and got to watch the trailer when I got home from running). I got ready and headed out at 8:30 which was a bit later than I had planned. I ran around my neighborhood and after awhile realized it hadn’t told me when I reached .5 miles. I figured it had gotten reset to only telling me each mile so then even LATER I realized it still hadn’t told me! I checked my phone out and found it had only tracked me going .43 miles so far. Thanks a lot, GPS. I ran for a while more and when I got home tracked it on my computer to find I had only gone 2.84 miles, and in 28 minutes. Now I had to find time to make up for not getting my 4 miles today!

Tony was home when I got back and we talked a bit and then he headed off to sleep. I went with a breakfast I had to actually do a bit to make today. I used this recipe from Skinnytaste, but switched the oil for applesauce, replaced the chocolate chips for pecans and blueberries, and cut the recipe in half. That made me 6 pancakes, and I indulged and had 3 that ended up costing me 6 points+. They were DELICIOUS! I topped mine with bananas and sugar-free syrup!

Seriously, they were perfect.

Seriously, they were perfect.

After breakfast I did XHIT’s total arm workout video. That somehow got me motivated to go running again to finish off at least my 4 for today! I ended up going 1.28 in 11:30 minutes. That gives me 4.12 miles for the day! Mission accomplished!

When I got home I did a 10 minute intermediate running stretches yoga routine. I showered and it was already time for a snack, and I was READY. I had a boston cream pie yogurt with Fiber One cereal. 3 points+.

Snack or dessert? You tell me.

Snack or dessert? You tell me.

[Boring uneventful repetitive day here.] TIME FOR LUNCH! I made english muffin bbq chicken pizzas. I ate some carrots and a pickle with them, and then after had a nectarine! 4 points+ to make up for my bigger breakfast and snack.
IMG_6941 IMG_6942

After lunch I packed up a bag of pretzels and a jalapeno string cheese (2 points+) and I was off to work! We were a lot slower than I expected, and I was completely okay with that, seeing as this was my 8th day in a row working, and tomorrow is my only day off until next Tuesday.

I got home at about 8 and we headed to the grocery store for a few things. When we got home I started up dinner. Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorites and it was something quick and easy that we didn’t need much for since I got home too late to do any big dinner. I had my normal veggie omelette but this time with ham! I had toast and jelly with fruit on the side of it all. 5 points+ total.

After dinner I browsed groupon for awhile and found one for 4 “Eat This, Not That” books that I love for only $12.99!  Yes please! It ended up being $18 after tax and shipping but that is still great for books that are normally $20 each if I am correct!

We watched some youtube videos together and then he got his lunch ready for work and it was already time for some abs! I had been hitting my steps so easily with running 4 miles a day and working so much, so I never even have to worry about that before dessert. Today I did the original video that got me hooked on XHIT in the first place! I started it as a challenge from my manager, then got lazy and started doing only half, which led me to explore the channel more! I am so glad I found it! For the record, I did more than half… but stopped early still.

For dessert I had mint chocolate chip ice cream. I forgot how much I love this kind, it’s always been one of my favorites. I topped it with whipped cream. I got to have more than just the normal serving of ice cream and then still had 1 point left so I added 3 Gamesa Marias cookies! (These bad boys are only 3 points for 8 cookies!) My desserts total was 5 points+, again capping me off perfectly for the night. Afterwards I ALWAYS want more, and today I cracked, but I ate a banana instead of more ice cream, so that’s good!

Finally a day off tomorrow! I plan on getting to run on the path and maybe even grab an extra mile so I can slack a bit more on the weekend. I actually might have plans for once tomorrow so I plan on enjoying the whole day before going back to work Friday! More work = more money, so I mustn’t complain!


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