My long awaited day off…

After staying up until around 1:30 last night I planned on sleeping until around 8:30 and then running once Tony got home. At 7:50, Dexter woke me up and I just couldn’t fall back asleep. I got out of bed and did yoga while waiting for Tony, and then I was off! It was really nice outside because it was still early, and I ran 4.66 mi in just under 43 minutes! I felt fantastic after!

I got home and hurried to clean up the kitchen so I could start breakfast. I had my french toast with strawberries and blueberries and even sprinkled some cinnamon sugar on top with some whipped cream! All for 4 points+!

After breakfast I looked through some shopping ads while I finished off my coffee and then showered and got ready to head off to the store. I bought way to much, as usual, but they were all good buys! I got 2 lbs of 99% fat-free ground turkey (which I can never find) and popped it in the freezer for future dinners, I finally invested in Kodiak Cakes pancake and waffle mix, and I also found a whole shelf by the bakery of weight watchers desserts! Why do I not know about things like this!?

When I got home I put everything away and it was so sunny that I grabbed a book and tanned for a bit. When I was done I had some lunch while waiting for my friend to come over to go to the mall. I had a sriracha chicken wrap and some special k chips. 6 points+.

I went and pre-ordered Fallout 4 and then we walked around and browsed some. I got some coffee from Gloria Jeans and we went home, not before buying some things from Charlotte Russe.

When we got back Tony was awake so we went to Hobby Lobby and the dollar store for some things for his new episode on youtube. Once I got home I had a string cheese and some grapes and strawberries (1 points+).

We hung out and watched videos for a bit and then Anna went home and we started dinner. I made a Sausage Tortellini Skillet from Emily Bites. I made some minor alterations and added a caesar salad and 2 slices of bread baked into garlic bread. The whole dinner was 10 points+. I had quite a few saved up from my smaller snacks today, so I added the salad and bread to the dinner so I didn’t use 8 points on my dessert.

We watched some more Seinfeld and I did some looking around for restaurants for date night on Saturday! Normally we would not finish dinner until close to 9, but we finished just after 8 so there was a long time before I wanted to start abs and have dessert! I got all of my stuff ready for the morning so I wouldn’t have to tomorrow, and we relaxed even more!

It finally came time to do an ab video! Today’s choice was 6 minute abs. After I had a red velvet Weight Watchers cake I got at the store earlier, and some neapolitan ice cream! 5 points+.

Not as pretty as my other desserts, but delicous!

Not as pretty as my other desserts, but delicious!

I wanted more so I had 1 Marias cookie and a banana, and then some grapes. I feel a big splurge coming on, and I just can’t let myself do it on the night before weigh in! I really am curious as to if I’ll have lost more or not! We will see!


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