Last night I did the unthinkable, I ate 6 s’mores Oreos!

This was my first batch...

This was my first batch…

This caused me to go over 12 points over my daily goal, but still had 5 weekly allowance points left PLUS I gained 34 activity points through the week, so I am okay with it. I had weigh in this morning, and I lost another .6 lbs. I plan on splurging pretty badly tomorrow on date night, so I’m glad my points all started over!

I woke up early this morning naturally at 7:30 and got ready to run. I did 3.25 miles in 29 minutes on the treadmill and then made myself some waffles with my Kodiak mix! I added some pecans in them and topped it with heated blueberries, syrup, and some whipped cream! 4 points+.

I did A LOT of sitting around today. It was awful and boring and I really just need to get through the next few work days and deal with it. I did an XHIT back and chest workout video, and then added some more because I didn’t feel satisfied. Afterwards I did a 15 minute advanced combination yoga routine. More sitting around. I was actually tempted to nap at a few points which I haven’t done in forever. My snack was a half an apple with pb2 and a blueberry oatmeal donut that Tony made this morning in honor of National Donut Day! 3 points+ total.

I honestly just sat and watched Hulu forever dreading work and anticipating date night and next Tuesday. At lunch I had a ham and swiss grilled cheese with sauteed onions and spinach on it. I ate a carrot and the other half of my apple on the side. 4 points+ total.

I grabbed my popcorn and Fiber One bar (3 points+) and headed to work. A lot of people cancelled towards the end of my night so I got out fast right at 7. I got home and relaxed a bit with a couple of friends Tony had over.

They headed out and we got our dinner together. Leftovers from last night! It was better tonight, mostly because my plate from yesterday was the very end of the sauce when I divided it up. I didn’t use parmesan cheese today, I had a half an english muffin as garlic bread, and had italian dressing instead of caesar (along with peppers, onion, green onion, tomatoes, and spinach), so my total for dinner was 8 points+.

Tony did some editing and I went on the computer for a bit, impatiently waiting for him to be done. We watched some Netflix afterwards and then after getting things ready for the morning it was time for XHIT’s 9 moves for a flatter stomach.

I wanted a dessert different than just ice cream with something mixed in, so I got creative. I took 6 Marias cookies and put Better’n Butter on them to make sandwich cookies. (Who needs Oreos!? Oh yeah… me.) I had a small serving of neapolitan ice cream with strawberries all mixed in. 4 points+ all together, and yummy.

I need to try and get to sleep earlier than usual tonight so I can wake up and run in the morning. I need to do 3 miles between tomorrow and Sunday to keep on track for my 100 mile month, and I’d like to get as many ahead as I can! Date night tomorrow night, so I won’t be running after work! That’s really the one thing I’m looking forward to since Monday’s potential 10 hour shift is looming over me.


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