Too much work, and too much food!

Saturday started with me waking up and running before work! I got 2 miles in and then started a fairly normal breakfast, a bit on the lighter side. Veggie omelette with half an english muffin and a slice of toast with jelly and some fruit on the side. 3 points+ total, since I was going to be splurging later!

After finishing up I quickly got ready and headed to work. After a while it was time for my lunch and I headed to Panera and got the Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad. 4 points+. I also got a banana and fruit cup to snack on while working the remainder of my shift.

I got home from work, quickly got ready, and headed off to date night! We went to Rock Bottom Brewery. I got a German wheat beer of some sort. We skipped the appetizer and I ordered the 2:00 AM burger, which was 29 points, but I had planned on that. It had an egg, cheese, hash brown, AND bacon. Delicious. I did manage to get veggies as my side, and then we shared a “Carrot Cake for 2” which I later found was only tracked as 1/4 of the whole servings. Not far. I had a mini breakdown and after drinking part of a caramel macchiato at Barnes & Noble, returned home to eat 2 servings of Ben & Jerry’s  Half Baked Fro Yo. My days total ended up being 90 points+, but I plan on doing good the rest of the week. I used all of my weekly points, going into negatives, but with my activity so far for the week I had already made up for some of it and will easily make up for more later this week! Over all I had a good time and the food was amazing so I’m glad I splurged on what I did.

I passed out much earlier than usual feeling sick and way over stuffed. I felt better in the morning and woke up at 7. I then surprisingly ran 3 miles in just 26:22 minutes! I was just going to do 2 miles and do more later, but I felt good so I kept going!

After I showered I made some oatmeal with cocoa powder, cinnamon, blueberries, and bananas and had a part of a donut with it. 4 points+ total.

Even my coffee was blueberry cobbler flavored, blueberry theme!

Even my coffee was blueberry cobbler flavored, blueberry theme!

I went to the store with my parents and got some fruit, lettuce and chocolate bars out of it. When I got home it was off to work with my Kashi bar (3 points+) and nectarine! The day was busy but went smoothly and I got out a bit earlier than I thought I would. I got home, woke Tony up, and headed to my moms for a late lunch/early dinner. She made poor boys so for us she grilled chicken and got wheat sub rolls. Instead of her amazing double baked potatoes we had sweet potatoes. Everything together was 9 points+, and I forgot a picture (AGAIN).

I had all of the intentions to run again after my food settled, but I only ran for 3 minutes and decided I much rather would go to the store to get some things for our actual dinner later. After the store and some relaxing and video games with a friend I made our stuffed portobello mushrooms with some roasted broccoli and sautéed onions and mini bell peppers. 2 points+ for the cheese!

I wanted something sweet so I tried out one of my new chocolate bars. I had 2 pieces of the 6 piece bar, which was only 2 points+. I am excited to try the other kinds!

More hanging out and some online browsing passed. Our friend ran to grab some food so we did half the XHIT 7 minute ab video and made some s’mores in the oven for dessert! 6 points+ of pure bliss.

Not enough at all, ever. I need to stop craving and going into consume mode at night. I ate a banana and then almost a whole cup of grapes. AND STILL WANTED MORE. Hopefully I hold out for the next while until bed, but I really want some cookies or ice cream. After last night I shouldn’t even consider, but it just sounds so good. This week will be easier once I’m back in my routine, but right now I am feeling pretty off track. Wish me luck!


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