Long day, OVER.

As most probably expected, I splurged last night. The rest of my Half Baked Fro Yo and 2 s’more Oreos = 7 points+. I was then at -11 for my weekly points.

Weekend is over, back on track, and this weekend I don’t have any MEGA splurge occasions planned, so I will do a bit better, without a doubt.

This morning I woke up at 7:30, pulled out the treadmill, and ran a quick 1.25 mi in 11 minutes. I showered and then made myself some blueberry pancakes with my Kodiak cake mix! I love it! I topped it off with some syrup and had strawberries and grapes on the side, and wanted some breakfast meats so I fried up some ham for some impromptu “bacon”. 4 points+, not bad!

I hurried off to work with my running clothes and 2 muffins that Tony made last night. 2 points+.

Knowing my sweet tooth has been a struggle he looked up a weight watchers recipe and made them for me!

Knowing my sweet tooth has been a struggle he looked up a weight watchers recipe and made them for me!

I only had to be there for a bit in the morning because it was kind of busy, so I got a LONG break from 11:40 until 3. I went running at the path and did another 3.62 mi in 35:32. It was HOT so I walked a little more than I’d like.

I got home and showered once again. I did some dishes and then had my lunch, turkey sandwich with cheddar, sriracha, and lettuce. I ate some white cheddar popcorn and a half an apple on the side. 5 points+.

Before heading back to work I did a quick 10 minute running stretch yoga routine. I headed off, not before grabbing another muffin (which cost me 2 points+ technically because of weird half points that don’t show). I took a banana and the other half of my apple with me.

Work was pretty irritating. Things would work out well, but then get crazy all of a sudden because of people showing late, trying to walk in, and just being irritating customers. I finally finished up around 7:20 (WAY earlier than expected, thank god). I headed home and FINALLY got to relax after a long day.

After a bit it was time for dinner. We finished off the tortellini leftovers. I made an english muffin into garlic bread, and had a salad with onions, green onions, mini peppers, and my favorite soy ginger dressing. All together it was 9 points+.
IMG_7001 IMG_7002

Afterwards we played some video games and then went to Walmart for a few groceries. When we got home we did XHIT’s intense abs video. Tonight for dessert I had a grilled PB2, sugar-free chocolate syrup, and banana sandwich with some whipped cream on top! 4 points+ and much more filling than ice cream!

I still had fruit afterwards, because I always need it. I need to kick this habit! Golden honeydew melon and grapes were my choice tonight.

Being back on track feels good. AND I’m ahead on my running to get 100 miles this month. I’m proud! I really do need to stop wanting so much food constantly. I was doing so good with only eating until I was full and now I just constantly want want want! I don’t want to fall back into my old eating habits, and I am not ready to up my points into maintenance.


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