Beautiful day off!

What a perfect day to be off work before this rainy week! I woke up in the morning and got ready for a run. I was pretty hungry so I had a bowl of Weight Watcher’s cherry almond crunch cereal with some banana (3 points+).

Tony got home and we decided to go on a run together at the path. We did 4:06 mi in just over 37 minutes. It was still cool out that early, so we really beat the heat!

When I got home and my Eat This, Not That books that I bought off of groupon where here! I’ve already gone through 2 of them, and they are great!

I did a Fitness Blender video for legs & glutes on youtube, and then did a 15 minute Advanced combination yoga routine. After loafing around a bit I got into my bathing suit and went outside to get some sun!

I was pretty hungry by then so I had a cup of yogurt with strawberries and ended up adding in some Fiber One cereal. 2 points+.

I showered, did some housework and relaxed a bit. I had the frozen half of my banana from the morning and did some online browsing. Samus decided to join me.

After awhile it came time for lunch. I took my leftover sweet potato from Sunday and smeared half on toast and topped it with some ham and popped it into my NuWave oven. Meanwhile I roasted some carrots and broccoli. That only cost me 4 points+.

I went to get rent out of the bank and stopped at the store for a few little things. I really need to learn how to go grocery shopping and not have to go everyday! I did some more reading and just sat and relaxed. It was nice to have a day off with not much to do. Before long it came time to wake Tony up! While he ate breakfast I made myself a cinnamon raisin bagel thin with some cream cheese. 3 points+. I have really been craving cinnamon bread of some sort and I really miss bagels! It was satisfying! I still had an apple afterwards though, since I am a fruit addict!

Tony had to film for his new video, so we went with our friend to another friend’s family’s nursery. It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be outside in the nature, and I had time while they filmed to just relax and soak it all in. I also realized how perfect the location would be for my friends’ engagement pictures that I am taking this weekend, so I arranged for us to go there!

After WAY too long we finally got home and started dinner. We took leftover chicken from my mom and made some chicken and waffles. It went pretty badly; the chicken didn’t “fry” the way we wanted (baked in the NuWave with bran cereal), and my waffle iron was sticking something awful. It was still VERY good, and only 8 points+.

After dinner I sat around and contemplated dessert (per usual) while Tony got things ready for work. I got my clothes for tomorrow all ready and made my coffee pot so I wouldn’t have anything to do later.

After awhile it was time for an abs workout. We tried a new one; tighten your abs in minutes! For dessert I had some mint chocolate chip ice cream with 2 muffins and of course whipped cream and chocolate syrup! 5 points+.

One of my prettier desserts!

One of my prettier desserts!

And of course afterwards I grabbed a giant bowl of fruit. I guess it could be worse, I COULD go get another bowl of ice cream!

Today was such a great day! Back to work tomorrow, but I finally have a Saturday off again after helping for the past couple. I’m also glad to go back to normal evening shifts instead of the weird split shift I had yesterday! I miss having LOTS of days off, but I won’t be complaining when my check comes!


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