Finally Friday!

Guess what!?

I didn’t eat anything after my Tonight Dough last night! I am proud. I fell asleep pretty early, and in turn woke up around 7:40. Today was weigh in, and I figured not much would change and I was right. I was .4 lbs up from last week. Not too bad, and still under my original goal weight, so that’s find with me.

I got the treadmill out and started my run. In order to be nice and on track I wanted to get at least 3.6 miles in. Right around 1.5 I slowed down to 4 mph to walk a bit, and couldn’t even keep up. I realized now that I have ran at least a bit every single day since May 26. That is TOO LONG with out a break, and I didn’t even realize it! I managed to pull myself together for an entire 4 miles in 37 minutes with walking. Not too bad! I was possibly the sweatiest I’ve ever been! It was intense, but in turn I am resting tomorrow, and possibly Sunday as well.

I started up some french toast for breakfast. I made 3 slices with some heated blueberries and sugar-free syrup on top and made some Applegate turkey sausage for the side bringing me to 6 points+.

After breakfast I finished my coffee while catching up online as I always do. Afterwards I did 3 sets of 10 push ups (a new daily challenge of mine) and then did a 15 minute advanced combination yoga routine.

I ran over to my moms to start my laundry and had to take care of an ant problem they were having around the cat food since right before they left (of course). When I got home I made an english muffin with pb2 and ate some strawberries and grapes with it for 3 points+.

After showering I had some relaxing time before work. I watched Netflix and loafed around for as long as I could. Tony got home from work at around 12:40 (he took an extra half shift of overtime) and after sitting with me for a bit we figured that making dinner for tonight would be a good idea since he’d be sleeping until after I got home from work and then not having much time before he had to go back to work!

While he did that, I made my lunch. I had an Applegate uncured turkey hot dog with ketchup, onions, & tomatoes with corn on the cob! Not very filling, but only 5 points+.

Before work I switched my laundry and fed my parents’ cat and then ended up pigging out on a huge… PLATE OF FRUIT. I had a plum, some melon, and grapes. It was yummy and filled me up a bit more. I brought a banana and s’more chewy granola bar for a snack at work (2 points+).

After a pretty eventful night consisting of me spilling paint all over my leg and having to buy new pants, I headed out of work and came home. I stopped at my moms to grab the laundry and fight some more ants, and then came home to do some house work. After all of my work I finally divided up our dinner and it was time to eat! We made Turkey Chili Mac w/ Jalapenos! Instead of elbow macaroni we used the rest of the penne left and used fat free cream cheese, weight watchers shredded cheese. We made it into 6 servings and one was 8 points+. I ALWAYS want more, since it’s one of my favorites.

I was ready to RELAX. I sat on the couch watching Netflix and it felt SO GOOD. I did manage to do a part of an abs video, but I stopped it because she started doing standing workouts which I hate, but it’s Friday and I deserve a small break.

I had a 100 calorie vanilla cupcake greek yogurt whips for dessert. To make it a bit more like my usual desserts, I added strawberries, 2 tbsp of frozen fat-free cool whip, and a tbsp of sugar-free chocolate syrup. 2 points+, and delicious for not being ice cream!

I have created a couple of new goals for myself. I was going to start on Sunday at the start of the new week, but I felt like I might as well just start now!

  • I am limiting myself to 2 nights a week of bigger desserts (essentially anything in the sense of ice cream, or bigger baked goods that I make). Sticking to fruits and yogurt, toast with peanut butter, or a simple snack bar on other nights. That leaves more room for my meals!
  • Do 3 sets of 10 push ups every weekday. Since I have so much trouble with chest workouts at home I’ve decided to do a bit each day in hopes of toning.

I did start today, and tomorrow I probably won’t be following through much considering it isn’t a weekday, is a rest day, and I will most likely be eating out for my meals. I will definitely be sticking to it by Monday at the latest.

I was feeling pretty badly earlier about not being able to just bake a good cheesecake and eat it as I please, and not being able to order a great plate of food anywhere I go without tracking, or picking only chains since I can’t easily track independent restaurant foods. I have come to find that if I splurge on one night, and still run every single day and not goof up anymore during the week I am going to maintain my weight. I was hoping there would be much more leniency to that, and it just got me thinking. I DO want my healthy lifestyle to follow me after my weight loss, but I’m still human and I really do love food… way too much. Hopefully this is just a little pessimism and I will get over it soon!


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