Let’s try this again

I’m back! I decided to stop blogging because I felt as though I was taking too much time out of my day to write out what I was doing, for almost no reason at all. After taking a long break, going on vacation, and getting back into my healthier eating habits and running I’ve decided to start up again! I feel as though I am held more accountable while blogging, and that it helps me stay on track. Hopefully someone out there is reading and it helps you too!

Let’s start with this… while I was away:

  • I finished my 100 mile month! It was tough towards the end, and I really should have taken more days off. My body was tired, so I took a break for a bit and tried to start Insanity for a bit (short lived).
  • Went on far to many date nights, spending too much money, eating too much food, and caring way too little.
  • Mini vacay with my mom and cousins from Arizona! We went to Lake Geneva, WI. This is the 2nd year we’ve done this and I love it. We stayed for just one night and again, lots of food, but hey, it was vacation.
  • Lot’s of family get togethers, parties, and all sorts of drinking and eating bad food. All while barely running because my body was just sick of it.
  • Cancelled Weight Watchers, but downloaded an app that replaces it, which is going very well!
  • COLORADO! Best vacation so far. More about that later.
  • Gained 7 lbs, lost 5 lbs, gained 5 back while on vacation, BUT lost another 2 so far.

I’m not happy with my weight gain, but I’d say it’s pretty impressive for vacation. I definitely did my best to not stuff myself and took leftovers quite often. I wasn’t going to be strict.

My vacation to Breckenridge was amazing. We stayed from Sunday, July 26 to Monday, August 3. We drove, which surprisingly wasn’t bad for a 14-16 hour drive. Some main highlights are:

  • Hiking. We went on one LONG 8 mile round trip hike, a shorter 2 mile or so hike that was steep and up a glacier with my cousin who lives nearby, and a very small hike around the top of a mountain after taking a ski lift to the top.
  • White water rafting! We did a full day trip of Class I-III rapids that included lunch in the middle! So much fun.
  • Lot’s of amazing food. One thing that stands out from the others is a crepe cart, called “Crepes A La Carte” that almost ALWAYS has a 1 hour long line. It was delicious and worth every minute standing on the street.
  • Our anniversary! We went to a nice restaurant and got semi-dressed up.IMG_7604
  • Lounging by the pool/in the hot tub. Being served beer while hanging by the pool? Yes please. Happy hour? Yes PLEASE!
  • Denver Microbrew Tour. We sampled lots of beer and learned a lot. I even found that I don’t mind porters! We met a nice couple who were originally from Columbia and had a great time. We even got to take a picture with a gorilla that Obama has a picture with!
    11060085_10154113612498327_8033703625130032323_n 11217171_10154113612503327_3729030085255050831_n

There are SO MANY pictures and I could go on forever, but it will only make me miss it more! We have set a goal to move to Colorado for Tony to get his Masters within the next year or so!

I told myself that we would run lots while there, and we did… once. And of course hiking and other activities kept us active. We also walked around the downtown area A LOT. So it could be worse. Since we’ve been back I have ran EVERY DAY. A break is in my near future.

It wasn’t hard to get back on track with healthy eating, but the weekends we have still splurged. Our first weekend back we went camping with friends, where we had a healthy dinner of turkey burgers, but ate too many snacks and s’mores galore! Then having people over the night afterwards we made the mistake of ordering pizza. This last weekend we visited my cousin and her boyfriend in Chicago and once again, too much food. We DID wake up before them to run a bit in the city though. We also walked a TON on the new river walk.

This week has been good since, and tomorrow night we leave for Rockford where I have made a vow to not do poorly when we go out to eat! I will drink beer, but slowly, and not with my food! We will see how it goes!

Since I spontaneously decided to start blogging again I didn’t take pictures of all of my food, but here is today anyways:

I woke up early to get a run in before Tony woke up. I have come to find that my worst runs are on this route, so I probably won’t be doing it very much. Too much hill right off the bat! I went 3.5 miles and it took me a depressing 38:35 minutes. Lots of walking, and in my defense I have been sick for the last week and a half and still have a lingering cough that doesn’t help the cause.

When I got home I made some french toast with some blueberries and strawberries. 3 pieces and only 4 points+. One of my favorite breakfasts still! (See, not much has changed…)

After breakfast Tony played some video games so I caught up on some blogs and worked on the album I am making from our trip! After a bit we did some yoga and an ab video together.

I was starving so I had an english muffin with peanut butter spread and a banana for 3 points+. While I ate I played some Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. I really shouldn’t have snacked so late. I ended up packing a Flatout Fold It sandwich with ham and cheese (4 points+) and a 100 calorie Cheez It snack mix for work.

Work went by pretty fast, and I was excited that I only have one more day until my weekend! I had cooked dinner yesterday so I didn’t have much to do when I got home. I made cajun shrimp and sausage shish-kabobs! Each skewer held 3 oz shrimp and 2 oz smoked turkey sausage seasoned with Tony Chachere’s seasoning and grilled. I made up another skewer of mini bell peppers and onion and grilled that while microwaving a 1/2 cup brown Minute rice with more seasoning. I topped it all with hot sauce and enjoyed my huge 8 point+ meal!

After dinner I played some more Sherlock and decided to use the almost black banana I had laying on my counter. I made some cookies with the recipe here and added 2 tbsp PB2 and a half a tbsp of mini chocolate chips. After waiting impatiently for them to cook I had 2 with a 1/2 cup of Slow Churned S’mores ice cream for 5 points+ total, finishing my day right at 26 points!
IMG_7843 IMG_7844

I have recently been UNDER points each day, but eating so much fruit that it really makes up for it in the calorie and nutrient region. As a matter of fact, I will most likely be eating a bowl of grapes sometime before bed.

Tomorrow is weigh in since I will be in Rockford Friday morning. I’ve been feeling much thinner since vacation so I am hoping it shows! I guess we will see!


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