Waking up bloated on weigh in day

It’s always great to feel like you’re going to explode before you weigh yourself, right? I still lost .6 lbs, but I think that next weigh in will show the most of it as long as I keep on track.

I wanted to stay in bed more than ever today. Tony switched shifts to morning for today so he was gone when I got up. I finally got my running clothes on and went for it. It was another bad day, seeing as my stomach was killing me and I even obtained a headache and terrible stitch during the run. I still finished my 3.5 miles even though I wanted to walk home. It took me a whopping 42 minutes, but I did it!

I got home and did some dishes before making myself a waffle out of Kodiak Cakes Oats & Honey mix. I fried up some ham for makeshift bacon and topped my waffle off with some bananas. 5 points+ total!

IMG_7861After breakfast I relaxed and finished my coffee. I finally got the motivation to do a quick core yoga routine and finally got to shower. I then did a bunch of packing for our weekend visiting our friends in Rockford!

I pretty much did close to nothing all day, but part of it WAS researching races I want to do. I am planning on doing an 8k in November, and maybe a 5k in September. Hopefully my running gets back up to par!

I was really dreading work because I worked by myself and kind of busy; never a fun time. At least it will go by quickly and we will be on our way to a long (hopefully really long) weekend out of town. The last day of work is always the worst. I finished off my time by watching some youtube videos and browsing around online. It really was just one of those days.

It was finally time to make some lunch. I wasn’t starving which is abnormal for a day without a snack, but I had to eat early enough for my dad to get me at 2:15 (that way Tony can just take my car to get me from work and we can leave straight to Rockford and not waste any time). I made a turkey sandwich on a Foldit flat-bread with ultra thin colby jack and an apple. 4 points+.
IMG_7865It was time to head off to work. It went slow at first, but then got really busy so the end went fast. I had a bag of popcorn and fiber one bar for a snack (3 points+) somewhere in the middle of it all and then ran out of there just as Tony pulled up to get me. He brought me my leftovers for dinner (8 points+ again) and I ate it on the way although I didn’t feel super hungry.

We stopped at Dunkin Donuts and I got a medium iced coffee with just a bit of skim milk for 1 points+. A little while into the drive I got hungry and had 2 more cookies from last night (2 points+).

After an awful drive to Rockford (so many missed turns… so many), we finally arrived at our friends’ apartment! Being as late as it was we decided to just chill and play some video games. I’ll probably end up eating something more at some point, but I’ll try to keep it healthy! I still have 3 points left, but I don’t necessarily plan on using them!

I have really been slacking on food pictures, or pictures in the first place! I will do better this weekend since I’m sure I will have some interesting things to share! Until next time…


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