Weekend get-a-way!

It’s always nice to be away from home. On Friday we woke up and relaxed for a while. After getting motivated we went to a well-known nearby Swedish breakfast restaurant for some Swedish pancakes! I was good and got one pancake with one egg and 2 pieces of bacon. I estimated it was all 8 points+. Big for a breakfast, but better than splurging entirely!
IMG_7872After chatting and catching up with our friends we all went to the liquor store for some beer. Once we got back to the apartment we played video games for a bit and decided it was time to start drinking!
IMG_7878I had been hungry for awhile so I snacked on some popcorn (2 points+) and lot’s of strawberries. We ended up playing more games, and then going outside for a little while for the boys to play catch.
IMG_7880Eventually we were all starving and it came to be dinner time! (What happened to lunch… was it beer?) We went to a cute little restaurant downtown and I actually did pretty well! I had a chipotle chicken wrap with sweet potato fries which I believe came to around 21 points+.
IMG_7883 IMG_7884We walked to the Rockford Brewing Company for some drinks, and hung out there for a pretty long time. They had yummy beer, and luckily I don’t drink as fast as I used to!
IMG_7897IMG_7885We went back to the apartment and I had another part of a beer and ate the rest of a bag of birthday cake cookie thins. I am estimating that to be around 11 points+.

I decided to use the “incorrect” point system for my beer. Usually, Weight Watchers uses the alcohol in grams in the “fat” section to create points, but I decided to just count it by the carbs that were actually in the beer. Total I ended at around 12 points+ of beer, although REAL Weight Watchers would have counted it as WAY more. Overall I didn’t do TOO bad, 28 points+. I usually end up using up all 49 weekly extra points as well on these weekends and being in the HIGH negatives.

Saturday didn’t have as healthy of a start. Our friend woke up and went to get donuts. I had all the intentions to have one and then eat something else to fill myself, but I ended up having 2 donuts and half a long john that I split with Tony. This got me up to 22 points+ for the day and it was only 9!
IMG_7895We lounged around and watched Big Hero 6 while Tony recovered from QUITE the hangover. Meanwhile I created an event for a 10 year class reunion with my junior high classmates! I am really excited and hope there is a good turn out!

Tony was feeling better so we left for Chipotle for lunch. I was good and got a salad! Only 7 points+. We did shopping at a few places and then stopped at Walmart. I bought some Arctic Zero ice cream which wasn’t very good (for splurging at least) so after my 1/2 cup for 1 point+ we went to Walgreens to get real ice cream and I ended up eating 2/3 a pint of caramel cookie gelato. It was 25 points+ for the whole pint, and I did end up finishing the rest after dinner.
IMG_7898I got the great news that I got work off Sunday, so we didn’t have to rush to leave Sunday. We decided tonight would be a more relaxed night than last so we sat and started by watching Pitch Perfect 2!  While watching the movie I had a bag of beef jerky for 2 points+. Tony ended up deciding to take Sunday off, so he made a call to make it happen!

Once we were done with that we played some video games for a while. Then we started dinner! We had spaghetti and meatballs, which was 21 points+. It was SOOOO good.
IMG_7899I finished my gelato as I mentioned before and we played more games separately and then played some multiplayer games as well. I ended up drinking a Summer Shandy, which was “1 point+”. (Actually more on REAL Weight Watchers.)

I had been craving cookies all night so finally the boys ran out to get Oreos. (I ate far too many, and I don’t even want to share the points). So much for not doing badly this weekend, but I’ve decided to not to beat myself up over it. I did make healthier choices for some of my meals each day, and I could have over splurged as I sometimes do!

Tomorrow is a new day, and as long as I continue kicking ass all week, I won’t be too upset over weekends like this. As I’ve said before; It’s summer, I am 24, I want to enjoy my life.


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