Home again, home again & Sunday Summary.

Here’s my Sunday Summary:
We woke up and ran a mile and a half around our friends’ apartment complex. It took us only 14 minutes. We got stuck in the rain. We then sat around and once ready went to breakfast. I ate a skillet for 1 trillion points.
IMG_7901After breakfast we went to a flea market. Tony got a new game for his collection. We got back to the apartment and we played video games and I FINALLY beat Sherlock. After awhile I wanted some Starbucks so we went! I got a venti Mocha Coconut frappuccino and splurged it up. I eventually at some popcorn for a snack, and then right after realized it was probably time for lunch. I made a grilled cheese with rye bread, swiss, and salami and it was glorious.
IMG_7905We played more games and hung out more and after hours it was time to go home. Tony and I stopped at a pizza place for dinner before hitting the highway. We got (unpictured) wings, beer, and pizza.
IMG_7906 IMG_7907After a tall beer I had definitely had to take a bathroom break on the drive home and we got ice cream cookie sandwiches to cap off our weekend. I didn’t even track this last horrible day, but then being the crazy person I am tracked it all this morning. I am pretty sure the entire weekend I ended up going over somewhere around 200 points+.

So that is my Sunday. Back to normal healthy living again. I was called off of work this morning and I slept in until 9 to make up for the lost sleep from this weekend. After waking up I had a bowl of cereal and piece of toast with some jam. 5 points+.
IMG_7908After letting our food settle we went off to the path for a run. My legs were BAD. Possibly the worst ever. I really need to look into what to do about it. I ran 4.5 miles in just under 48 minutes. I’m not too mad about the pace since I walked A LOT and still managed to stay under an 11 minute mile.

Our house needed some MAJOR cleaning so I did lots of house work for the rest of the morning. Tony left for his first day of some classes he enrolled in at the community college and I continued to clean and then did some leg workouts. I finally finished all of my work and showered. After a little browsing online I had lunch. I made a honey ham and swiss (ultra thin) sandwich on a Flatout Foldit Flatbread and Special K chips for 5 points+, also including an apple because my body is used to huge meals once again and I’m trying to work myself back in!
IMG_7909After lunch I picked up my friend and we went grocery shopping. We came back to my house and sat and watched a movie. Once it was over she went home for dinner and I went and picked laundry up from my moms. When I got back I watched some Netflix and folded the clothes while eating an english muffin with some peanut spread and a banana for 3 points+.
IMG_7910I finished watching the new Demetri Martin special and then started dinner because I was starting to get a headache. I cooked up some chicken breasts and microwaved some sweet potatoes and corn on the cob I had grabbed from my mom’s house while doing laundry. It ended up being 7 points+.
IMG_7911I watched some more Netflix and had a horrible stomach ache. I need to keep eating healthily at least for the most part. At least I had my extra cuddly boy with me.
IMG_7913After a while it all calmed down so I did an ab workout video and then had some ice cream and cookie chips for 5 points+. This left me with 1 point+ left, although going way over in sugar and carbs for the day. I did manage to only end at a bit over 1,200 calories though!
IMG_7916 IMG_7917After dessert I made myself some thin mint tea to settle my stomach with the mint and stop myself from craving any more sweets with the chocolate! I definitely need to crack down on myself again. We don’t have any big weekends planned so I believe I can really start now. I was so happy to be down to my goal weight, and next time I am not going to mess it up!


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