Fast, uneventful day.

It’s hard to believe today went by so quickly. I worked in the morning, and instead of running right off the bat, I sat around and drank coffee and ate my breakfast. I had an omelette with just a bit of ham and an english muffin with low sugar grape jelly for 3 points+.

I went to work with my workout gear just in case I got a long break or off early enough to run. I ended up only working a half day instead of the full day I was expecting, and still had my lunch so I ate my turkey sandwich and apple for 5 points+. I accidentally bought bread that was 4 points per 2 slices because my janky tracking app lied to me.
I went to the path afterwards and got a 4.19 mi run in, walking a lot, but staying within a 10:02 pace! Only my right leg hurt, so I guess that’s a step in the right direction! It was a beautiful day to run, and I could have walked around for hours.

I got home and immediately hit the couch and ate a yogurt for 2 points+. I ended up attempting some arm workouts, but getting lazy and taking a nap. I really need to find a strength routine that I can crack down on like I did with the abs videos and running. I have decided to start something solid next week so I can make sure to work my whole body evenly.

I still felt super hungry, and I didn’t want to eat dinner yet so I had a cup of grapes. I then finally had enough energy to clean up the house and then shower. We were out of some crucial things and I needed to get some bread that wouldn’t stop me from eating sandwiches all together. Once I got  home it was time for dinner and I was HUNGRY! Tony had put dinner together today since I was at work until after he’d have to pack it up for work. I gave him instructions and sent him Dashing Dish’s Chicken and Broccoli recipe. Mine came out to be 7 points+ without the rice even though I used all the same ingredients. Instead of rice or quinoa, we had some soba noodles left from a dinner awhile back so we used those. It was SOOO good, and cost me 10 points+. So glad it was worth it!

I sat and watched Netflix, as usual. After awhile I did an ab video. Afterwards I had moose tracks frozen yogurt in a cone. 5 points+, and the cone makes me eat the ice cream slower!

I’ve started some research on workouts for home. I miss having a gym membership, but I really don’t think it’s worth the money. I have almost all I need at home, I just need to get into it! Forward is the only way to move.


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