Impacted tooth & bonfires; My Friday

My Friday started out good, got rocky in the middle, and then got good again! I got out of bed and weighed myself, finding that I’ve gained .8 lbs, which was expected. I am still down from where I was right before vacation. After that I got breakfast ready, which actually took some preparation today. Tony was still in bed and I shredded some sweet potatoes and started them up in a cast iron pan. I then made eggs and toast for each of us as well! It was still only 5 points+ for mine!
IMG_7947 IMG_7948

After breakfast I didn’t feel good which put me in a horrible mood. We bickered back and forth between going on a bike ride or running, and since I had an oral surgery consultation at 2, we realized a bike ride may be too long. We went running and I ran 4.09 mi in just over 42 minutes. Just about the same pace as I have been at with all the walking I’ve been doing. I don’t know what has gotten into me!

I got home and showered and it was time to go. I found out that all of my wisdom teeth would be easy to remove EXCEPT ONE. I have one impacted tooth, and that forces me to go to a different surgeon than the one I was referred to by my dentist because of the type of health insurance I have.

On the way home we realized they had given me the wrong x-ray so we went back to grab mine and decided we wanted to grab lunch while we were out. We went to Tribe’s Ale House. I was good and got a chicken sandwich without the cheese (but with the mango habanero jam!), ate only half the pretzel bun, and had a cup of fruit as a side. All together with my beer I figured it to be about 17 points+ if you count the beer the real Weight Watchers way.
IMG_7955 IMG_7956

We went shopping before finally getting home. I wanted to get dessert while we were out so when we finally settled I had a banana. Tonight we were going to a friend’s house for a bonfire so I knew I couldn’t splurge much more!

After cleaning the house up I relaxed for awhile and painted my nails. I ended up getting an ice cream cone for myself (3 points+) and then having grapes afterwards. We were leaving around 6:30 or so for the bonfire so dinner might not even be a thing!

We grabbed beer and headed off to our friend’s house. We drank a bit and had fun hanging out around the fire. It was nice to catch up because we hadn’t seen them in awhile! I had 3 Summer Shandy’s, which is 13 points+.

We got home after midnight and I was STARVING so I made a bowl of oatmeal with pb2 and strawberries to eat before bed. It was 5 points+.

For the day I ended at 19 points+ over my daily allowance. I am allowing myself to use the extra 49 points that I am allowed each week. Normally I end in the negative 100s or more, which is NOT good (obviously). Only one more day to my weekend, and I am confident that I can stay within the extras!


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