Weekend Success!

What a relaxed Saturday! I stayed in bed until I felt like getting out. When I did finally muster up the energy I made myself a turkey and cheese omelette with toast for 5 points+.

After breakfast, instead of loafing around I went on a cleaning kick. Before I knew it I was rearranging things and decluttering the dining room while Tony started brewing some beer with a kit we had bought at Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks back.

When I was finished cleaning I sat online for awhile and set up my account on our desktop PC, that was now out of the game room and in the living room. After a bit I decided to shower and get ready since my parents and Tony’s dad and his girlfriend were coming over today. I got ready and then had to run to the store for a few things and also decided to go get a new pair of black flats since my old ones were at their end.

When I got home I put some things away and immediately getting a quick lunch together. Today I had a Flatout Light Italian wrap with turkey, lettuce, and sriracha for 3 points+. After I finished that I ended up having a bowl of Sour Cream and Onion Cracker Chips for 2 points+. And, since it was a weekend, I had some greek yogurt with pb2 and an apple for 2 more points!
IMG_7961 IMG_7962

We sat while Tony played his video game for a bit before my parents showed up. We hung out for a bit, and then started to play some Yahtzee and had some beers and pretzels.

Tony got a hold of his dad after awhile and then we went outside to start the charcoal for the grill. Once his dad got there we sat and caught up and put some things on the grill that would need to cook longer. They played some bags, and we all talked and had fun. Eventually ALL the food was done, so we went inside to eat. I had some barbecue chicken breast, a sweet potato, baked beans, a small amount of pasta, and corn on the cob. I figured it to be around 13 points+.

Once finished with dinner we sat outside a bit more. My parents headed home and we went inside to play some You Don’t Know Jack party games on the Xbox. We played a few of those and then some bowling on the Wii.

Everytime we hang out with either of Tony’s parents, they ALWAYS want to play euchre so we decided it was finally time to learn. We played that for a bit, and then an old friend of Tony’s stopped buy and we played some more Yahtzee.

Tony’s dad and his girlfriend headed out, and we ended the night drinking and talking and watching some videos on youtube. Once our friend left, Tony started to play his game again and I went to bed. Successful stay home weekend with good fun!

I tracked the whole night, and after lots of pretzel snacking and possibly too many beers I was over 58 points for the day, leaving me with no more weekly points, using all 7 of my activity points so far, and being at -27 points for the week. I could DEFINITELY make that up with activity and come out with some left over! It feels good to actually have a chance at a calorie deficit for the week as a whole! Maybe next weigh in will show some of my hard work!

Today I woke up at 8, even though we went to sleep super late. I ended up only getting around 6 hours of solid sleep according to my Fitbit. Tony stayed in bed and I got up and got myself some breakfast ready. I popped a frozen waffle into the toaster and put some peanut spread and cinnamon sugar on it, poured a bowl of cinnamon Life cereal, and grabbed a banana. All together it was 5 points+.
IMG_7974I realized that I probably ate way too early, and would need a snack pretty much right when I started work. I was going to help out at a different studio today, so I had a longer drive ahead of me than the usual 15-20 minutes. I packed up a fiber one bar for 2 points+, and then a pb2 and jelly sandwich with some sour cream and onion cracker chips for 5 points+ to have for lunch around 2 or 3.

I got there early and there wasn’t much going on for the first couple of hours. After awhile we got a bit busier, and then it was finally time to go home! I was getting home quite a bit later than usual and I still had to run so I told my mom I wouldn’t be coming for dinner.

Once I finally got home I had some cottage cheese with pineapple and the last of my strawberries for 2 points+, then it was off to the path! This was the best run I’ve had since before vacation! I still walked some but I managed to stay under a 10 minute mile.

After running I had to go to the grocery store. After putting groceries away my work wasn’t over! I did the dishes and cleaned up the house, then finally got to take a shower. Once I finished I got my dinner ready. I had leftovers from last night and the other night: Chicken, sweet potato, asparagus, and corn, costing me 8 points+.

It didn’t take long for me to do my XHIT ab video and then get some ice cream for dessert. Tonight’s flavor was Coffee & Cookies Delight (3 points+). We’ve had it in there FOREVER and I finally finished it off.

I’m still guessing I will have some grapes in a little bit. I am feeling really good about this week so far, and won’t splurge anymore. I’ve already made my way back up to -15 points, and without a doubt will get back to positive numbers before Friday.

Tomorrow is the last day of August, and I wanted to get at least 80 miles this month which seemed tough because I started late and didn’t run very long distances all through the beginning, but I have done it! I only need 3.2 miles tomorrow, when I’ll most likely do at least 4. I’m definitely looking forward to my next weigh in!


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