New month, new week, new goals!

I know it’s not TECHNICALLY a new month yet, but I wanted to start my new goals on a Monday, so I’m pretending.

This morning I woke up, did some stretches, and got running! I needed 3.2 miles to get to my 80 mile goal. I ran around my neighborhood because I prefer getting it over with on days that I work. After my great run yesterday I should have known that the hills and uneven terrain would mess me up today! I didn’t want to, but I ran 3.4 miles getting me to 80.2 for the month! Done!

I got home and jumped in the shower. Afterwards I got a bowl of cereal, a piece of toast with Simply Strawberry spreadable fruit, and a banana (eating only half) for 4 points+.

Today I planned my strength training schedule. I will be doing 3 days a week, one full body, one lower, one upper. It’s not much, but I need something small that I will ACTUALLY STICK TO! I will be changing which days I do it on depending on my work schedule I’m sure. This week is most likely Monday: Lower, Wednesday: Upper, Friday: Full. That way I can have a break Thursday when I work.

I looked around online to finish planning, and then it was time to get some chores done. I started up some of dinner for tonight since Tony had to leave by 12:40 for school and would be taking it with him. While it was cooking I ran to my moms to put my laundry in. When I got back we both did an XHIT ab video and got it out of the way early!

I lounged around and played my 3ds some, and then figured I’d have a snack. I put some pb2 into greek yogurt and cut up an apple. After eating some I threw some honey nut cheerios in (only the max amount for 0 points) so the whole snack was 2 points+.

I was told I wouldn’t be needed at work tonight, and that motivated me to get my workouts all done! I went and grabbed my weights and ball from the attic and went for it! Today was lower body, and I used this:

I took the pistol squats out because I physically couldn't do them, and instead of jump rope I did a 30 second wall sit, due to my lack of jump rope.

I took the pistol squats out because I physically couldn’t do them, and instead of jump rope I did a 30 second wall sit, due to my lack of jump rope.

I realized I hadn’t done any strength workouts in probably over a month, so I mixed 2 scoops of my Designer Whey Fit & Trim French Vanilla protein with 1/2 cup water and 1/2 unsweetened almondmilk for 2 points. I sure hope that prevents the soreness I’m sure I’ll be feeling within the next couple of days!

After some recovery time I figured stretching my legs out would help with the soreness and I still needed to do my yoga for today so I got my mat out and did a 20 minute intermediate running stretches routine. It felt great to have everything done so early in the day! I got dressed into some everyday clothes (which rarely wear anymore on weekdays) and started lunch. I threw some Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken into a pan to thaw and meanwhile mixed together a tbsp of buffalo sauce with a tbsp of fat free ranch. When the chicken was almost ready I tossed it in another tbsp of buffalo sauce. I put it all on my bowl of romaine and onions and sprinkled some reduced fat cheddar jack cheese on top. Only 3 points+!

I sat around online for a pretty long time after lunch. Tony and I haven’t had a date night in awhile so I was researching cheap and healthier places we might go if we wanted to one night this weekend. I realized my laundry was probably finished so I ran to grab it. When I got back it was time for a snack! I put 2/3 oz of cream cheese on a caramel corn cake and had a half a cup of grapes with it for 1 point+.

I really didn’t want to snack as much as I did. I was bored and felt like I was wasting my day away just browsing around the internet. I finally ended up folding my clothes. Once I got everything put away my friend came to pick me up and we went mini golfing!
IMG_7991 IMG_7989

It probably only took us a good 15 minutes to get through the course, and we went back to my house. I started dinner up. Tonight I made turkey burgers. I’m having mine with a fried egg, a slice of ham, and sweet potato hash browns. With it I made some broccoli. All together it was 8 points+!

We watched a movie and then got some ice cream. I made some out of frozen bananas, added pb2, chocolate syrup, and a special k brownie. 3 points+!

I definitely snacked too much today, and I’m most likely still going to end up getting some grapes later. I still did FINE but my calories are much higher than I like them getting. I was still under 3 points for the day, so I should be fine!

I’ll finish up with my goals for September:

  • 3 strength workouts a week: Full body, lower body, upper body
  • 20 miles each week
  • At least 10 minutes yoga 4x a week
  • Abs every weekday
  • Lose 5 lbs

I’m pretty excited to be back on track!


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