Bad mood, no reason.

I had a slow relaxed morning today. I got out of bed a little after 8:30 and got the coffee pot going. I did some dishes and since my legs felt like jello from yesterday’s workout, I started up a 10 minute combination yoga routine. After yoga I made myself a bowl of high fiber maple brown sugar oatmeal with blueberries and a half a banana. I didn’t think that would be enough so I also had a piece of toast with low sugar jelly. Everything was 5 points+.

I sat around and finally decided to wake Tony up. He went to the midnight release for a video game last night so he was up late playing. I then discovered he was calling off today to play as well. After we relaxed we went to the path to go on a small run. He recently brought to my attention that I am probably running too much all at once, so I’ve decided to do some smaller runs. Today was way too hot and my legs were killing me so we did 2.52 mi in just over 26 minutes.

When we got home I took a shower and then made a snack. I rolled up some turkey in lettuce and put a little bit of salsa ranch inside, and had a little under an oz of pretzels for 2 points+.

We got ready and had some running to do. We ended up needing to go to the mall so we got lunch at Panera. I got my usual Strawberry Poppy Salad and an apple for 4 points+.

It seemed like forever but we finally got home. I have been struggling for the whole weekend with getting an appointment for my wisdom teeth extraction and today I was thrown around all over the place calling different people and none of them seemed to know what was going on. I finally got someone who helped and now I’ll be getting a call in the morning to hopefully sort it all out.

I was feeling hungry and getting a headache even though I ate lunch not long ago at all so I made myself a cup of pumpkin spice tea and had some yogurt with cinnamon Life cereal for 3 points+.

I was just having an all over terrible day by this point. I never felt full, I was uncomfortable, and for some reason just crabby. I was so far from my daily steps and I just felt like a slob. Tony was helpful and made me get up and we went to Barnes & Noble and got coffee. I almost broke down and bought a cookie or giant pastry of some sort, but I bought just an iced coffee with a dash of non fat milk. I also picked up a new Weight Watchers cookbook on clearance.

I was starving by when we got home so I started dinner. More turkey burgers, but this time with cheese, onion, and barbecue sauce. I cut up sweet potatoes into fries and more broccoli! Everything was 8 points+.

As I was expecting I was still not full. I hate days like these. I get in a rut of being hungry and nothing satisfies me because I can’t eat enough. I got some grapes after dinner and finished off the bag. I decided to not buy more because I need to stop eating them so much.

We eventually did abs, and I quickly got an ice cream cone with cookie chips for my remaining 4 points+. Afterwards since I had such a bad day I just decided that for tonight I could splurge. I had a cup more of the ice cream, and it was wonderful.
IMG_8005 IMG_8006

Overall I went over 7 points+ tonight. Not tragic. I am okay with things like this happening from time to time, better than going completely crazy after it all builds up and splurging beyond belief. I’ll have to have an extra good run tomorrow!


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