Better day.

I had a much more productive start to my day today. I woke up at 7:15 and lounged just a bit before getting my running clothes on. I stretched some and drank some water and headed off. I planned on going to my favorite path today, but last night my friend shared something on my wall that I ended up finding out was posted by someone I knew. She was there at around 7 last night taking a walk with friends and their children and saw a girl come out of one of the smaller paths I run on with a large knife in her hand. It took a long time for me to get comfortable going alone in the first place, and now I’m nervous again. I ended up going around my neighborhood the opposite way I normally do to change it up a bit. I ended at 4.1 miles taking me 43:12. I always have to walk quite a bit around here, but should be able to lessen the amount eventually. The hills are one thing I know will consistently kill me.

When I got home I relaxed for only a tiny bit and then did my arm workouts. I kind of ended with a Frankenstein routine, mixing together a few different things and adding my own in.

Shoulder press – 4 sets of 8
Hammer curl – 3 sets of 12
Bent over row to tricep kickback – 3 sets of 12
Lateral Raise – 3 sets of 12
Tricep dips (on chair) – 3 sets of 10
Push ups – 3 sets of 8
Rotating curl – 1 set of 12

Once I was all finished I did some dishes and got breakfast ready. I had a half of a sweet potato, microwaved and mashed, 1/2 cup scrambled egg whites, 2 oz honey ham, a piece of toast with jelly, and an orange. 4 points+, and hopefully nice and filling to keep me satisfied throughout the day!

As I was eating breakfast, Tony woke up, which was surprising since he stayed up very late playing his game last night. We sat and chatted and drank our coffee. I caught up on all of the recipe blogs I follow, and then decided to do some yoga and abs!

I got all showered and ran to the store to get the last few things I needed for dinner. When I got home I made up a couple of the things that needed to sit. While I did that I made a snack bag of popcorn for 3 points+.

Tony was at school by this point so I watched some American Horror Story. After most of an episode I ran to my moms to get some potatoes from her since I decided late that I wanted them and didn’t want to go back to the store. I got back home and made some lunch since it was already almost 3! I had turkey, lettuce, and sriracha on a light italian wrap, pretzels, and some cucumber. 5 points+.

I finished up the episode I was watching and Tony was coming home from school since he decided to call of work again. We sat and played games mostly and then looked at some different options for dinners for the next nights. I had an apple with pb2, honey nut Cheerios, and greek yogurt, and almost immediately after, a peach for 3 points+.

We played more games, and then decided to go to the store, yet again, to get things for this weekends dinners. When we got back it was time to start dinner while he made cinnamon rolls from this recipe that I found on pinterest.
IMG_8015 IMG_8017

Dinner was finally served! We had chicken “gyros”, even with tzatziki sauce! On the side some “fries”, green beans, and carrots. For the gyro I used chicken breast seasoned with oregano, rosemary, thyme, and garlic and onion powder. We ate them in Brownberry pockets. Together it was 7 points+, and pretty satisfying (although I am never satisfied).
IMG_8012 IMG_8016

Almost right after dinner I was cleaning up and grabbed a cinnamon roll. They are only 1 point+! And I was already feeling dessert so I got a big cone of my new slow churned double fudge brownie ice cream! 4 points+, capping my day off.

I brushed my teeth almost right after so I wouldn’t eat anymore. I and still haven’t bought grapes! After playing some games and finishing my book I made a cup of tea.

I had a few rough spots today, but overall I am happy with my choices. I work tomorrow from 11-8 or so, and I will pack snacks and lunch to make sure I get by. At least I can guarantee that I won’t over eat!


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