Mostly just a work day.

This morning had the usual start. Alarm, stretching, run. I ran 3 miles in about 31 minutes. I feel that my runs are getting better, just depending on the heat/humidity, and if my legs decided to hurt.

Once I got home I made coffee, showered, and started my breakfast. I had 2 pieces of french toast with a banana and pecans. Only 3 points+.

A lot of my morning consisted of trying to calm my cat, Dexter, down. He has a disease (feline hyperesthesia) where he randomly attacks his tail, badly. Usually it doesn’t last very long, and he does sometimes cut it open a bit. Last night he cut it BAD for only maybe the 2nd or 3rd time ever. And for some reason, this time he just won’t stop. His back is still twitching and he keeps reopening the wound.

I had to leave for work and hope that he got better while I was gone with Tony keeping an eye on him. It was very busy, but mostly because we had our new girls doing practice sessions. I worked for a little while and then had 2 cinnamon rolls and an apple cobbler Kashi bar for 5 points+ total. After not too long it was finally time for lunch. I went to Panera (because we are out of lunch meat at home) and got a half asian sesame salad. It was yummy! 5 points+.

I was back to work by 3 and had more practice sessions with another girl and a few regular ones as well. Time went by fast and around 5 I had a bag of pretzel sticks for 2 points+.

As soon as I got home I started to get dinner ready. Tonight was chicken gyro leftovers from last night, but I had barely any chicken left so it was only 6 points+ tonight. It was just as delicious (if not more) as last night! I still want a real gyro soon… I really am digging the NuWave cooked fries though. I feel like I can do without craving fries at all.

Dexter was feeling better, luckily. His tail wound seemed to have dried up and he was only being a little jumpy and stressed, but he didn’t seem to want to attack it. Hopefully he keeps this up!

I did some ab workouts, and got some dessert ready. I have made a challenge for myself to only have big desserts only 4 times each week (including weekends) and not have any extra fruit after on those nights. Tonight I stayed away from ice cream and had a vanilla greek yogurt with a little bit of sugar free chocolate syrup and the rest of the cookie chips for 5 points+. More points than usual, but I feel much better about it.

Tomorrow is weigh in already! It went by so fast. This is the first week I am actually expecting a change. I managed to make up for last weekend with activity points. I only made it back to 0, but the past many weekends have left me with -100 or more! Tonight I am looking forward to having some tea and relaxing!


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