Finally a relaxed day.

My Sunday started like most days. I got out of bed, stretched, and left on my run. The beginning went very well, and I’m happy with the run as a whole. 4 miles in just over 41 minutes. I went further than usual straight from the beginning, but then did end up having some twisting stomach pains later. I would have slowed down from the hills anyways.

I got home and showered, then got my breakfast started. I had scrambled egg whites with turkey and salsa, an english muffin with low sugar jelly, and an orange. 4 points+.

I relaxed for as long as I could and then got ready for work. I grabbed an apple and fiber one bar (2 points+) and headed out. It went by fairly quickly and around 3 I got to leave. When I got home I changed and got a quick “lunch” ready. Dinner at my moms was soon so I wanted it to be light. I had a piece of toast with cheddar and turkey and carrots and cucumber for 3 points+.

After doing the dishes we headed to my moms. We visited for awhile while she cooked the steaks and then it was dinner time! I had steak with mushrooms, corn, and a double baked sweet potato. All for 9 points+!

We went home and sat doing nothing for a little bit, then decided to go to Barnes & Noble. I got a light caramel frappuccino and I swear he made way to much and I probably consumed more than I tracked (4 points+)… but hopefully not. I also ate a banana, since everything in the pastry case was calling my name. We walked and looked at some books and I have officially decided I would never be able to do the Whole30 challenge… even though I really think it seems like a fantastic thing for me and would probably help my potential IBS problems.

After some reading we went home and played video games. Some time passed and we made bags of popcorn (I put some mini chocolate chips in mine for 3 points+ total) and started to watch a movie. I was still craving chocolate so I had a half a chocolate and caramel bar that I had in the cabinet for ages. It was 3 points+ as well, and put me over 2 points for the day. We got bored watching the movie, so we stopped and resumed games/online browsing.

Today went WAY better than I had expected. I was afraid with dinner being early and bigger I would end up messing up big time! I waned beer and apparently craved sweets towards the end, but I made it! I now have to make up at least 19 points from this weekend, which is easy. We have another day off together tomorrow, so lets hope we show some self control!


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