Labor Day Lapse/Long Work Day

It was September 7, 2015. The day started like any other.

I woke up, stretched, got Tony out of bed, and we headed off to the path to run. It was a GREAT but slightly short run. 3.2 miles in 31 minutes. It feels good to do under a 10 minute mile again!

When I got home I started making a waffle for breakfast. I mixed in half a mashed banana to my Kodiak Cake mix and added vanilla, cinnamon, pecans, and blueberries! All for 5 points+, but not very filling.

I relaxed and finished my coffee, and then did my lower body workouts. We were going to go on a hike, but decided against it. That was the first mistake of the day. I showered got ready and off we were to downtown Downers Grove for lunch.

Our first choice wasn’t open due to a late start for the holiday, so we went to a diner across the street. I got a wardorf chicken salad melt with chicken noodle soup and sweet potato fries. I only had half, and figured it all to be 19 points+.
IMG_8064 IMG_8065

After lunch, most everything was closed downtown, so Tony took me to his work which was nearby and showed me around for the first time after working there for close to 3(?) years. After that we wanted ice cream, so we sure did find it. I had a giant homemade waffle cone with cake batter and cookie dough ice cream AND a part of a butter rum muffin. I’m guessing that to be around 24 points+.
IMG_8066 IMG_8067

We drove home, skipped the walk we were going to take (although I did already make my steps while walking all around his work building), and started some relaxing time. This is where things went downhill even more. I ate my other half of my sandwich (9 points+) Then we watched a movie and then decided we wanted grilling food and we went and got chicken sausages, baked beans, beer, and macaroni salad from the store. When we got home we cooked dinner. I estimate everything being 20 points+.

We drank and watched another movie, and meanwhile I made some 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies. They were peanut butter, sugar, and egg. I’m guessing it was around 6 points+.

After, I ate a ton of graham crackers that I didn’t really keep track of. AFTER THAT I had a large bowl of cereal for 6 points+. With the beer and all the snacking I estimate 27 points+ for after dinner.

I didn’t do abs, I didn’t do yoga, I went over somewhere in the ballpark of 85 points… when I was on track to end up with a good deficit this week. Mistakes happen, but I need to stay on track for awhile if I want to lose 5 lbs this month.

Today went much better. I woke up and had to work early in a studio an hour away, so I didn’t run right away. I drank coffee, ate, got ready, and headed off. For breakfast I had high fiber maple brown sugar oatmeal with blueberries, and an english muffin with low sugar jelly. 6 points+.

I went off to work and started my day. It was VERY slow until late in the evening. I had an apple cobbler Kashi bar (3 points+) as a snack in the morning. For lunch I packed a ham sandwich with cheddar Special K chips for 5 points+.

Later I had an apple and then my appointments started showing up! After what felt like forever I was out the door and snacking on my pretzel sticks (2 points+) on the drive home.

I finally got home at 8:30, and since I couldn’t run before work, I HAD TO RUN. To stay on track I needed 2 miles, so that’s just what I did and in only 17:46 minutes! I really did miss treadmill runs.

I changed into comfortable clothes and started warming my dinner up as quickly as possible. Tonight we had chicken fajitas. I made my shells into little bowls and had refried beans, and on top some homemade pico de gallo that Tony made. It was SO GOOD. Pretty satisfying and only 7 points+.

I did abs right away and then made up a makeshift dessert. I used 1 frozen banana and made some soft serve. Then crumbled up a caramel corn rice cake and topped it all with peanut butter spread and sugar free chocolate syrup. Only 2 points+.

I used all my points today, but didn’t go over. Other than yesterday’s splurge I am on track and doing all that I am supposed to do for my goals. I need to get back on track like I was at the beginning. As many times as I’ve said it, this time I need to crack down!


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