Shopping and work.

I didn’t blog yesterday. It was boring and pretty standard and I forgot to take pictures of anything other than breakfast and dinner, which was leftovers anyways. It was a good day health wise. I ran before work, 3.6 miles in about 37 minutes. Worked all day, came home and did yoga after dinner and had popcorn with pb2 and chocolate chips after abs. Successful if you ask me.

Today I woke up and ran right away again. Today I did 3.74 miles in 36:27 minutes! It was one of the best runs I’ve had in a LONG time. I almost did 3 miles straight, but I ran up a hill and needed rest after. That was the only time I stopped.

For breakfast I had Multi Grain Cheerios with a banana and a piece of toast with peanut butter spread. 5 points+. After breakfast I looked at some sales ads and we left to go shopping.

Shopping took a pretty good amount of the day, and when we got back I was starving. I sliced an apple and grabbed some yogurt and pb2. 2 points+. Meanwhile I watched the previous nights Jimmy Fallon since Justin Timberlake AND Ellen were on!

After we finished that, we watched a youtube video and then I got ready for work. For lunch I had a tortellini healthy ones frozen meal. It was yummy, and 6 points+. I definitely wanted more so I had half of my snack of pretzels for work for 1 point+, later eating the other half for another 1.

Work went slow since I only had one appointment. It took a lot not to eat my fiber one bar until later on for 2 points+. Finally it was time to go home, but not before stopping at Fresh Thyme for apples and veggies for dinner tonight. Gala apples were on sale for 57 cents! I couldn’t pass it up.

I got home and got dinner ready. I put a sweet potato in the NuWave and the roasting veggies I got at the store in the oven. I did a quick XHIT Arm workout since today was my upper body day, and by then almost everything was finished. We had some chicken we cooked earlier this week from Jewel that was pre-seasoned so I warmed that up. It was all delicious and only 5 points+ for the 5 oz of cooked chicken and 108 grams of baked sweet potato! All the veggies were free!

During and after dinner I watched some American Horror Story. After a bit, I mixed up some instant sugar/fat free vanilla pudding and put it in the fridge. I knew it was time to do the rest of the workouts I have promised myself to do each week, so I first did a daily stretches yoga routine I made, and then a 9 minute ab video. Right on track for my goals!

After working out I got my dessert ready! The pudding didn’t set because I used almond milk, so it was soupy and for the next time I’ll have to look up how to make it work properly. I added a graham cracker and some strawberries and topped it with some fat free whipped cream! The pudding was 1 point+, and the crackers were 2 points+.

Tonight I was planning on staying up until Tony got home, but it will be tough to not eat again. Tomorrow is weigh in and I’m certain I’ve gained. This weekend I will use ALL of my willpower and make sure I use minimal weekly points. So far I am keeping perfectly to all of my weekly goals. Even on Monday with all of my splurging I still ran and did my lower body work outs. As long as I do abs and full body tomorrow, and yoga tomorrow AND Saturday I will have done everything I have told myself I would. I only need to run 3.5 miles tomorrow to get to 20, and I will probably do more. If I keep on track like this all weekend, I will start seeing a change again. Now to try and find things to keep myself busy for another hour and a half! Wish me luck!


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