A pumpkin spice kind of day.

I woke up before my alarm this morning. It was super gloomy so I knew a morning run wouldn’t be in the agenda. Friday’s are weigh ins so I grabbed my scale and brought it out to the hardwood flooring. I am pretty please. I only gained .2 lbs, leaving me with exactly 10 lbs to lose to get to my goal. I knew I would be seeing a gain, and was worried I might catch a glimpse of the 140’s again!

I did a 15 minute beginner’s flexibility yoga routine and then got my breakfast ready. Yesterday I bought Better’n Eggs and this was my first time trying an egg substitute! I have been using All White’s through my weight loss journey and love them. I made an omelette with reduced fat cheddar jack and honey ham, an english muffin with low sugar grape jelly, and a peach. 5 points+! I loved the eggs and can’t wait to make french toast with them!!

It was raining pretty steadily and as soon as I saw a slight amount of sun I woke Tony and we tried to leave to run but the rain came right back. I sat and browsed the internet for a bit and he played his game. After a bit the sun came back and we wasted no time and drove out to a path we haven’t ran. It was an AMAZING run. I ran the entire 3.6 miles straight at a 9:43 pace. It felt amazing to do that again.

I got home and had all the intentions of doing my full body work out, but I was so pooped from the run that I made excuses and put it off. I will definitely do it tomorrow! No excuses!

By that time I was starving, so before my shower I decided to snack. I had an apple cobbler Kashi bar with an apple for 3 points+.

I showered and then looked around online and Tony played more video games. It came quick, but it was time for lunch already. I made tuna salad with light miracle whip and just a bit of relish and topped it with some ultra thin colby jack and grilled it up! 5 points+ and sooo good.

After lunch we had a bunch of places to run to for errands. At the end we stopped at the grocery store for some beer for tonight. I need to be good! We were going to have a relaxed night and just watch movies but it’s our friend’s birthday so he’s going to be coming over.

We got home and I started making some pumpkin spice lattes that I found on Laaloosh. Mine came out to 2 points+ instead, I’m guessing because the only coffee creamer I had was fat free hazelnut and not original. It was great and looked great too!

We hung out for awhile before our friend came. He got there and we drank some. I actually managed to skip dinner for the longest time, and only had the leftover veggies, but then grabbed a bowl of cereal for 3 points+. After that I decided I in fact DID want my chicken and sweet potato (4 points+) and after that pudding (1 point+) and 2 oreo thins (2 points+). My beer was 19 points+ total.

Overall I went 18 points+ over. Tomorrow will be another day of going just a little over, but I will stay under my weekly points definitely. I have to do my full body, abs AND yoga tomorrow to keep to my goals, but no running. Should be just fine!


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