“Non-splurging” weekend (lol)

Saturday is my break day, so instead I did a 10 minute intermediate combination yoga routine, then got my breakfast ready. I had high fiber brown sugar oatmeal with blueberries and a piece of toast with grape jelly. 5 points+.

I got ready and did some dishes before leaving for work. We were very busy in the morning and I was only needed for a couple of house. I got back home before 1 and had an apple and fiber one bar for a snack. 2 points+.

I relaxed for a bit before taking a long hot shower. It felt great with the chill fall weather we’ve been having. Once I got ready, it was time for lunch. I didn’t want anything boring or too big, so I tried my hand at some chicken salad. I used 2.5 oz Tyson’s grilled & ready strips, 1/4 of a small gala apple, 1.5 tbsp of light miracle whip, 2 tbsp of fat free greek yogurt, and 1/8 oz of pecans. I put the mixture on some lettuce and ate it as roll ups. It was SO good (although I’d much rather enjoyed on it 2 huge pieces of toast) and only 4 points+!

I finished getting ready while Tony made and ate his lunch. I also had some chips and salsa for 2 points+. It was BEAUTIFUL out so we went for a walk. We walked just a hair under 2 miles. When we got home I read for awhile before heading over to my parents house.

I didn't want to go anywhere with this cute girl snuggling me.

I didn’t want to go anywhere with this cute girl snuggling me.

We drank a couple of beers and ended up making our dinner there. I got pre-made pizza crust and whipped up a big pizza! We put green pepper, mushrooms, and tomatoes (on my half only). Half the pizza was 11 points+ and soooo good.

It was time to head down to the bar for the unofficial 10 year reunion of my 8th grade class. My friend I used to work with awhile back bar tends at one of the bars in my neighborhood so I planned it around her working. No one showed up, but her husband was there and we hung out with them all night. It was a lot of fun (possibly more fun than the reunion would have been). I drank WAY to much beer, and ended up having a bag of chips and a few pieces of the pizza Tony and our friend was eating.

We stayed there all night, and since we walked there our friend gave us a ride home… on his motorcycle (individually of course). I’ve never been on one before, and even though it was only a quick 2 minute drive up the hill to our house I was still scared!

We got home and being pretty intoxicated, decided to have dessert. I had an ice cream cone, then another serving of ice cream in a bowl…. then a bunch of oreo thins with peanut butter. I think went over somewhere around 85 points. It’s a lot better than full day splurging, but I’m pretty disappointed that I couldn’t keep my promise to myself. I did run my 20 miles, and did yoga 4 days out of the week. I never did my full body, and skipped one day of abs.

Today started off pretty roughly. We were both a bit hung over and I slept until around 10. I needed to eat so I made us monte cristos for breakfast (ham and swiss sandwich dipped in egg and milk mixture like french toast). Mine was only 4 points+!

We let our food settle for awhile and finally got ready to run. Today we opted for a walk/run for obvious reasons, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. We did 4.21 miles in 44:17 minutes. It was a beautiful day out once again, and this time we went on the path we tried Friday but on the other side of the road. It’s nice to run places you’re not used to.

When we got back home I wasn’t quite hungry still so I made a smoothie with coconut water, plain greek yogurt, a frozen banana, some strawberries, and pb2. It was okay, but next time I think I’ll use cottage cheese or something instead of the yogurt. It was a bit tangy for my taste. It came to 3 points+.

Tony got ready for work and when he left I headed to my parents’ house for dinner. My mom made beer can chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, and green beans. It was all so good and 8 points+.

I needed to get things for dinners this week so I went to the store when I left. It took forever and I ended up having to go to a second store because I can never find lean enough ground turkey. I got home and relaxed for a bit before starting up American Horror story and folding laundry.

Once I finally put the last of the clothes away, it was time for a snack. I ate dinner around 5, and being used to eating at 8, I needed it. I made some chicken salad again and this time just ate it with the remainder of the apple I used to make it. 4 points+ once again.

I watched some more TV and then it was time to do an ab work out. I did my favorite, 6 minute abs, and then went and got a big ice cream cone for 5 points+.

I will be finishing my night off relaxing and maybe having a cup of tea. Back to work tomorrow, and of course keeping up with my exercising and eating habits! I really need to work on completing all of my work outs each week. I am doing more than I was before, but I would still like to do what I told myself I would. It’s a work in progress, but I’m getting there!


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