A Very On Track Day.

What a day! I woke up at 7:30 and did a quick yoga routine (1/4 for this week). Afterwards I ate breakfast, probably TOO early. I had a bowl of Special K’s red berries cereal with an english muffin with cream cheese, strawberry preserves, and strawberries. 5 points+.

I relaxed and watched some TV and then got ready and headed off to work. The second I got there things were hectic and I had too much to do all at once. Since breakfast was early, so was my snack so I ate a dark mocha almond Kashi granola bar at around 11 for 3 points+. By the time I finally got to leave, I was starving and still had to go running.

I hit up my usual path on the way home. It was a great run, and although I walked a few times, it was always just for a short time. I ended at 4.34 in just under 42 minutes. I am so happy with my progress and getting back into my old stats!

I didn’t even get to go home after that, and stopped at the store to grab some frozen cooked chicken (crucial for many lunches). I spotted cotton candy grapes for the 1 millionth time and finally caved. They are strange… but I think I like it. I also ended up buying 2 slightly too expensive salad dressings.

When I got home I immediately got my lunch ready. I had a mock strawberry poppyseed salad with chicken (like Panera Bread’s). It was good and only 3 points+. I definitely could have eaten more, but it was late so a snack wasn’t too far in my future.

I sat around looking at peanut butter recipes for an unfathomable amount of time. I really needed to get up and do my lower body workout for the day! I found an XHIT video (that I believe I have done once before) called Legs, Bums, and Tums, killing two birds with one stone, now I didn’t have to worry about doing abs!

After my long awaited shower, I made a bag of 100 calorie kettle corn (2 points+) and went outside to read while snacking. I didn’t feel super hungry, but I knew I would regret not eating within the next hour and want dinner to early.

I came back inside and started mapping out where I would run tomorrow. I just wanted to get a short one done before work since I will be working an hour away again. After lots of online browsing it was time to make dinner. Tonight I made sloppy joes with ground turkey. On the side I had some sweet potato “chips”. 8 points+ total. It wasn’t very filling, and I ate too fast.

After dinner I watched the rest of American Horror Story. By then it was getting late so I went in the kitchen to get all of my snacks and lunch ready for my long day tomorrow, because I know I wouldn’t want to in the morning. Once I finished all the prep, I made a light dessert. A caramel rice cake with better’n butter, a gala apple, and more more more better’n butter. 3 points+ total.

Today went very well, and even though I may have been lazy about my work outs (shorter yoga, legs & abs together that didn’t KILL me) I am still keeping up! I am right on track for my week and I am going to try and have the best one yet!


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