Draaaaaaagging day.

I guess I never posted this last night… but here it is! There will still be another post tonight.

So much for running first thing in the morning. It took me a long time to start running before breakfast and then before work on a normal day, I just don’t think I’m ready to rush around before a day where I have to leave early. Instead I lounged while drinking my coffee and then made breakfast. I had eggs with green peppers and mushrooms, toast with jelly, and a bowl of instant bacon grits. 5 points+.


By the time I finished up it was time to get ready an head out. Today there were no appoitments, but one did book for the first spot while I was driving. When I got there I opened up and finished with the first and only guest. After that was busy work mostly. I had my first snack of grapes and not long after a dark mocha almond bar for 3 points+.

I did decide to go into the back room here and there to do arm workouts. I mostly did dips and push ups and then took breaks, going back when wanting to do another set.  In between I just read, called a call list, and relaxed. It finally came time for lunch. I walked around for the first half and then came back to eat. I had a wrap with turkey, some new calorie free chipotle ranch, and sour cream and onion chips. 5 points+.  IMG_8156

It came time to go back to work. I still had no appointments for the rest of the night so I read some. I then realized that during lunch I sat on something so I ran out and bought new leggings. I ate a banana a bit to early and then struggled to not eat the last of my snacks but I ended up just going for it. I had pretzels for 2 points+.

11.5 hours from when I left this morning I finally got home. I started some sweet potato fries and then ran 1.5 miles even though I could have kept on track for my week without it. It took me 13:26.

Dinner. The time I’ve been waiting for all day. I heated up the sloppy joe leftovers and put them on a slice of bread, grabbed my fries from the oven, and finished off with some pickles. 8 points+ total. IMG_8159

After dinner I got right into doing dishes and then working out. I did an XHIT video with both upper body and abs to finish off my night. Then I made “dessert”. I had a bag of kettle corn with a tbsp PB2 sprinkled on it and another tbsp mixed with water for an apple. 3 points+.

I went over a bit much in calories and other things today, but stayed within my points. I did have lots of fruit, but I still felt pretty hungry all day. If I had ran more, I’d feel better about it, but I did what I could! Move forward, move forward, move forward. I can’t stress that enough in every way!


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