A great day before weigh in!

Once again I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I debated back and forth just running later in the day instead of right away, but I pushed through! I ended at 3.66 miles in 36 minutes, keeping myself right under a 10 minute mile pace. I did walk once, right after the long hill I run up, since there is a shorter steep hill right after that I can never conquer.

I got home and instead of showering and eating breakfast, I did my full body workout! I used an XHIT video, and I probably could have chosen a tougher one, but it got the job done. That marks off all of my strength exercises for the week and I only have one more night of abs!

I showered and then got a bowl of cereal and piece of toast with strawberry preserves. This was a very light breakfast, so I grabbed a banana to assure I wouldn’t be starving and snack all day like yesterday. 4 points+.

After eating I sat and went through the blogs I follow and then did some research on 5ks coming up. We plan on doing an 8k in November, so I want to at least have one other race under my belt! I looked around and ended up finding one on Halloween! It is a trail run, so more complicated so I won’t feel like a baby for doing a 5k! It is at the path we have been going to lately, but on the unpaved path we haven’t yet explored, so we will have to do that soon. With registration you get a long sleeve race shirt, a pint glass, and a beer and hot dog at the end! My kind of race!

I pretty much stuck to online browsing for the rest of the morning. Right at noon I was feeling hungry so I popped a low fat nutrigrain waffle in the toaster an spread some Better’n butter on it, then sliced up an apple. 3 points+.

It was a pretty relaxed and uneventful day. I stayed playing my DS and going online for most of it. We did end up doing another XHIT video for abs that used quite a bit of other muscle groups too, so I definitely got my workout in for the day!

Eventually came time for lunch. I made chicken salad with a bit less miracle whip and chicken, just enough to make it less points and allow me to have it on a slice of bread. On the side I had Special K cheddar cracker chips. 5 points+ and delicous! I really am on a chicken salad kick!IMG_8185I got a bag of 2 points+ worth of pretzels and headed off to work. I left early to pick my ring up from the jewelry store (FINALLY) and grabbed a fruit cup and coffee at Panera.

Work went well, appointments came in early, and I got out right on time. I stopped at Barnes & Noble on the way home to grab a book I wanted and I found a new book by one of my favorite authors! I’m excited to read it!

When I got home I started preparing my dinner. I used about 1/3 of the pizza crust leftover from the pack we bought and loaded it with veggies and red pepper sauce we had in the fridge and added just a little bit of cheese. I sprinkled some red pepper flakes and hot sauce on top. 8 points+.

Delicious, and all from stuff I had in the house!

Delicious, and all from stuff I had in the house!

During dinner I watched a netflix movie since none of my hulu shows would play. I did abs (more than once) earlier, so I didn’t have to worry about that before dessert. I DID however need to do yoga… but I didn’t. Hopefully I will make it up somewhere. I’ll probably do a pre-sleep session. For dessert I had some pudding with a Fiber One 90 calorie cookie. I had one point left, so I grabbed another serving of pudding with strawberries. Instead of being 2 points+ for the pudding it was 3 due to half points somewhere in there, so my whole dessert was 5 points+, making me go over 1 point tonight.

Tomorrow is weigh in, and a busy busy day. I have been secretly weighing myself all week (I hate doing that, so I think I’ll go back to my once a week rule). I think tomorrow COULD be a good day on the scale, but I’m still not expecting anything too big after our drunken oreo and peanut butter splurge last Saturday night.


Wish me luck.


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