Mild Friday night splurge.

Yesterday morning was a busy one, as expected. I woke up and first weighed in. 135.6! I’m so happy to see even the littlest of change. I got into my running clothes and did my daily stretch yoga routine.

When I finished my yoga I woke tony up and made some frozen pumpkin lattes from Fit Foodie Finds. They were yummy, but I wish it made more and had more coffee! It was only 1 point+ for the pumpkin and everything else in it is free!

I made myself an omelette with ham, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, and swiss cheese for breakfast. 3 points+ and so good. I needed to try and eat light and keep carbs low until later when I’d be drinking and eating who knows where.

We packed up some clothes, since we would be heading to Rockford for a going away party for a friend who is moving to Texas. It was time to get our run in! 3.54 miles in just over 33 minutes! Great pace and a long time with NO STOPPING. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come, just since vacation!

When we got home we did an ab video. I opted out early feeling WAY to sweaty to not shower immediately. After my shower I got ready while Tony prepared a taco dip for his moms cook out today. Once I finished my first part of getting ready I started a pie. I used Chocolate Covered Katie’s Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars as my base recipe, using reduced fat Keebler ready crust and Truvia baking blend as my sugar (reducing the amount of course).

While that baked I did the dishes and then FINALLY relaxed for just a little while. Before long I was finishing getting ready and packing up my last few things and then getting lunch together. I made chicken salad again, because everything else would just require bread or some other carb I don’t need. The only carbs that came from this was the apple really. 3 points+.

After we finished eating lunch we took a short nap and when we woke up we got ready to head out! I brought a fiber one peanut butter bar for 2 points+ on the road and we stopped for iced coffee at Dunkin and with non fat milk that is 1 point+.

We arrived after lots of rain and one bathroom break. We sat around for a bit talking and catching up and then decided we needed to get dinner before heading to the bar for our friend’s party. We went to an English pub and our other 2 friends coming met us there. I was good and got a barbecue chicken salad with a part of a roll. I DID end up stealing lots of fries from Tony, and having 2 beers. After dinner we shared a sampler of ice creams which included hard rootbeer, caramel scotch, and jack daniels chocolate chip. Overall I think that dinner cost me 34 points+.
IMG_8202 IMG_8203 IMG_8204

We got to the bar and hung out with lots of people and said goodbye to our friend. I only had a couple of beers, and then a lunchbox (orange juice and beer with a shot of amaretto thrown inside). I ate lots of free popcorn and half a bag of some locally made parmesan truffle potato chips. I think the bar was around 30 points+.

I went somewhere around 48 points+ over in points. This uses almost all of my weekly points, and I will most likely go over a bit more today, but nothing tragic. I will for sure keep it minimal! I am happy with my choices, seeing as I usually eat a pint of ice cream and finish a case of beer here. Now just to keep today reasonable!


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