Exhausting Sunday

I woke up this morning feeling like I didn’t get enough sleep, even though I did. My plans were to relax and eat breakfast and have lots of coffee before work, and then on the way home hit the path to run. I was thinking about after work, and I realized how much I didn’t want to have to run then. I got my work out clothes on and headed out the door to get it over with! I ran 4 miles in just over 39 minutes, and ran the WHOLE THING. That’s the first 4 miles straight I’ve done since well before vacation.

I got home and jumped right in the shower. When I got out I had some coffee and made some oatmeal with blueberries, and toast with grape jelly. It was good and filling with the banana I paired it with. 5 points+.

I finished up and left for work. I brought along a dark mocha almond Kashi bar (3 points+) and a bag of pretzels (2 points+). Work was very busy and I didn’t get a chance to eat them until pretty late.

I finally got out and went shopping for some dresses for all the weddings and things coming up. Afterwards I finally went to my mom’s for dinner. She made some chili with a packaged kit called “Ass Blaster” so I of course had to try it. She used ground turkey in it, so I wasn’t too worried. I think I tracked correctly, and with the light sour cream and saltines I added, I believe it came to 10 points+.

It still wasn’t time to go home yet! I had to do the main grocery shopping for the week. I took my time and then finally got home! Once I put all the groceries away I got changed into some lounge clothes and started some Bates Motel up.

It had been awhile since dinner by now (about 3 hours) so I decided to get a snack. I had a caramel corn rice cake and apple with PB2. 2 points+. Yumyumyum!

It didn’t take long for me to dip into the ice cream I had just bought. Mint cookie crunch? How could I not? I grabbed the last cone and filled it up! 3 points+.

I feel like I may have under estimated the points and nutritional facts of my mom’s chili, so I ended up under by 1 point and only getting to 1,200 calories for the day. I’m guessing it was more, but even then I would be where I want to be on a normal day.

I plan on finishing my night off with some tea and tv/reading in bed. Great night cap to a good day!


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