Mondays aren’t so bad.

I started my day with yoga, which I stopped after 5 minutes because I realized I had to get dinner in the crock pot before it was too late since Tony had school today and would be leaving earlier. I wasn’t feeling doing yoga after that, so I just got my coffee and started making some pancakes. I used The Weight of my Weight’s pumpkin pancake recipe, and made 3 servings of it, accidentally using about half of the egg whites that she uses. They turned out yummy still, and 5 points+ since I had 1.5 servings.

We finished breakfast and ran out the door to get some errands done. I started some laundry and then we had to go get him dress pants since his that we just got in April were too big and he needed them for an interview and I finished my outfits for the upcoming weddings. We also had to stop at the grocery store to fill water jugs and pick up some things they didn’t have when I went last night.

We finally got home and I portioned out our dinner and Tony headed off to school. I was already hungry for lunch so I had an english muffin with Better’n Butter and low sugar jelly for a snack. 3 points+.

Although by this point I was feeling pretty lazy I had lots to do still. Since today was my main day off I wanted to do a long run, at least 4.5 miles. I mapped it out first to make sure I wouldn’t cut myself short and then headed off to the path! The route I pre-planned was under 5 but over 4.5 and when I got back to the parking lot I decided to run just a bit more to get to 5. I accidentally paused my workout so I had to come home and edit the workout online. I am pretty certain I ended at 5.06 miles in just about 47 minutes. It was a beautiful day for a run and I am so happy with my accomplishments! I’ve never done 5 miles other than on the treadmill. It feels so good to be back.

I had to stop at my mother in law’s to grab some things we left at her cookout, and then I had to head to my mom’s to grab my laundry. I finally got home and made some lunch. I made some scrambled eggs with ham, swiss, mushrooms, spinach, and green onion. On the side I had an apple. All together 3 points+.

After relaxing for too long I finally kicked my butt into gear and did XHIT’s Jennifer Laurence legs and Jessica Alba abs videos. (I was in the mood for something new, and the celebrity videos are all that I never do. I finally showered, and then did some cleaning I needed to do around the house. It came time for a snack, so I had some strawberries with a coconut vanilla yogurt and vanilla almond Special K for 4 points+.

I folded the clothes and relaxed while watching some TV and drinking some caramel coconut tea. After finally putting all of the clothes away I did some dishes and relaxed for just a bit more before getting my dinner together. This morning I threw 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts (1.5 lbs) into the crock pot with about 3/4 a jar of Classico spicy tomato and basil sauce, onions, and 2 tbsp of parmesan cheese. 4 hours later I shredded the chicken and added it back for just a bit more. When it came time to eat, I sprayed some bread with cooking spray and sprinkled garlic and italian seasoning on top and threw it in the oven just until crispy. Meanwhile I microwaved the chicken and made a quick salad. I put the chicken on one slice of the bread and topped it with ultra thin provolone and put it under the broiler for a minute. I had some pretzels with the sandwich. It was great and 8 points+ all together!
IMG_8245 IMG_8246 IMG_8247

I watched some more TV and had all intentions to just eat some kettle corn tonight, but instead since I had a good day I had a giant ice cream cone with mint cookie crunch AND double fudge brownie slow churned ice cream for 5 points+, capping my night off right at my 26 points.

Time to relax and get to bed as soon as possible if I plan on getting up early to run just a bit before my long Tuesday helping at the other studio again! Let’s see how I feel about that tomorrow!


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