Just another Tuesday

I finally did it! I woke up early and ran a quick 1.18 miles in 11 minutes before work on one of my long ’12 hours away from home’ days! I wanted to get 1.5 miles at least, but school was starting so I avoided that area and wasn’t sure how far my impromptu route would be. To keep on track for my 20 miles this week I didn’t even really NEED to run today, I just feel too lazy working and sitting for too long if I don’t get at least a little something in, so I’ll take it!

I got home, showered, grabbed some coffee and relaxed for the small amount of time I had. before long I poured myself a bowl of chocolate almond Special K cereal, and made a piece of toast with Better’n butter, which I opted to take on the road with me since I’d rather eat breakfast later. 5 points+.
IMG_8250 IMG_8252

I was off on my hour drive. I don’t mind working at this studio, because it’s something different and doesn’t feel like work, but it is SO boring to sit around sometimes. I brought a good book with me today, and lots of food!

The first half of my day was mostly spent helping one of the field trainers set up the new backdrops that we recently got. My first snack was my banana and caramel pretzel Fiber One bar (2 points+). Lunch came around pretty quick. I walked around the store and bought a new purse and some pants for Tony’s interview since our store didn’t have his size. When I got back to the studio it was time to eat. I had a turkey sandwich with sriracha and a bag of Special K cheddar cracker chips for 5 points+.

The second half was a little slower, I cleaned up some and read. I had my banana cream greek yogurt (2 points+) and an apple a bit later, and it was finally time to head home. My gas light came on when I was still a good 15 minutes away, so I had to stop, delaying dinner even longer.

I finally got home and started dinner right away. I steamed some broccoli and used an english muffin (with cooking spray and garlic of course) for my pulled chicken parmesan, topping each half with provolone again. I ended up grabbing some baked BBQ Lays chips as well because the broccoli just wasn’t enough. All together it was still only 9 points+.
IMG_8254 IMG_8255

While my dinner was cooking, I did my ab workout video, so I didn’t have to worry about it afterwards. I didn’t make my steps yet, so I decided to hop on the treadmill to take a bit of a walk. I went for a bit under 17 minutes and it a mile. I won’t lie, I ended up getting my 10,000 steps while shaking chocolate chips into my kettle corn, but I ended up going over than anyways. The kettle corn and chocolate chips was 3 points+, ending me right at my 26 points for the day!

I’m a bit behind on my yoga this week, but everything else is pretty much on track. One thing that may also be tricky is not having dessert too many more times since I had ice cream Sunday and Monday. For once this weekend we have NO PLANS, so staying on track should come easy!


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