2 hour work day…

Wednesday already. The weeks are just flying by. I woke up this morning and while my coffee cooled down, did a 10 minute yoga stretching routine. My legs have actually been extremely sore from my leg workout Monday! After yoga I started getting breakfast ready. I made some waffles from scratch using this recipe. It made 8 waffles, and I ate 1/5 of the recipe, so 1.6666 of them for 5 points+. On top I had blueberries, strawberries, sugar-free syrup, and fat-free whipped cream!

I sat, letting my food settle for awhile before we set off on our run. We did 3 miles in about 29 minutes, with a bit off walking towards the end. It wasn’t a very planned out route, so the hills killed me early on.

We got home and I right away did an XHIT upper body video. Afterwards I jumped right into the shower. I got out and grabbed a banana and Kashi dark chocolate coconut granola bar for 3 points+.

I didn’t work until 6 tonight, so I had lots of time to waste. I had some things to grab at the store before Friday, so I figured now was the time. I ended up getting lots of other things as well, including pumpkin bagels… whoops!

When I got home it was time for lunch! I threw 3 tbsp of Better’n Eggs in a pan with 2 oz of turkey and sprinkled some cumin on top. Meanwhile I grabbed a low carb tortilla that I just bought and put some mexican blend Weight Watcher’s cheese and salsa de aguacate inside. When the eggs and turkey were done I put them on top and rolled the tortilla up and cooked it in the pan for a bit. On the side I had just a little bit of baked Tostitos scoops and more salsa. 5 points+ and finally some variety!

I caught up on all my Hulu shows, and then it was time to snack. I wanted to eat a half of the new bagels, but today just wasn’t allowing it in the calories area. I instead grabbed a pumpkin cheesecake Greek 100 Whips yogurt and put some Special K vanilla almond cereal in it. 3 points+, and a much better choice.

I left for work early to return something in the store before I started. Then it was time for work! I only had 1 appointment to do, and I’m not even all that sure why I had to come in at all.

I stopped at the store to get apples on my way home (and also grapes, chips, and veggies for my dinner). I got home and started everything. Today with my leftovers and veggies, dinner came to 6 points+.

After dinner I was wishing I had done an ab video earlier with my other workout. I quickly did a video and got a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for 4 points+. I was craving another, so instead of grabbing a bowl of ice cream I opted for an apple. I know I told myself I wouldn’t eat fruit after my dessert, but it’s better than the alternative.

I may be weighing in tomorrow morning instead of Friday since it is kind of a strange weekend with Tony flying to Maryland tomorrow afternoon. Either way this weekend will have MUCH LESS splurging than the last many. I will still let myself indulge just a bit I’m sure!


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