Less splurging than I thought!

Tony wanted to run before breakfast this morning, but this changed when we woke up. I was starving, and he just didn’t get out of bed. I made some coffee and then started toasting the leftover waffles. Today I had 1 and 1/4 of a waffle with Better’n Butter and banana. Yummmmy and 5 points+.

We had a few things to run and do before he had to leave today. We finished that up as quickly as we could. His flight was at 3, so his cab was coming at 12. Before he left we both snacked on the new pumpkin bagels I got. I only had half, with 3/4 oz of cream cheese. 3 points+.

Today was already all mixed up. He headed of to the airport, and I sat for a bit, wishing I had ran earlier before he woke up. I finally got off my butt and drove to the path. I ran some, but ended up doing a lot of walking. I probably ran about a mile out of the 4.17 and it took about 43 minutes.

I got home and did some house work, then got in the shower. Right after I made my lunch. I made some chicken salad and ate it on a low carb tortilla and with the rest of the apple I used and some baked bbq Lays. 5 points+.

I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing before my mom texted me to ask what I was doing. I grabbed some beer and headed over there to hang out for awhile. I managed to not snack on anything and drank 3 beers for 14 points+.

As soon as I got home I microwaved the rest of the chicken and vegetables and just ate them that way instead of with bread. It was 3 points+.

The rest of the night consisted of watching TV, and eating every sweet thing I could find in my house. Luckily I don’t keep any unhealthy food around, because I mostly just splurged on light ice cream, peanut butter and graham crackers, and a protein bar. I ended up 33 points over my day, and I’m okay with that. I finally felt stuffed, which I liked to feel here and there to keep my sanity. Hopefully I can keep busy tomorrow so I can avoid doing anything I regret!


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